The Era of Healthcare IT Made Possible By the Cloud, Virtualization

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

When we let cloud and virtualization cross the threshold our society, we welcomed these two breakthrough technologies to improving the quality of our lives, medical concerns being at the top of our priorities. It’s a...»

HP Hires New Governmental Affairs Lead

Art Lindsey III | August 2nd

HP announced today that Gregg Melinson would be taking over as Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Deputy General Counsel.  Mr. Melinson will be taking over for Larry Irving, and will work primarily from the company's...»

HTML5 Gains Investor Appeal, InMobi Takes in Sprout

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

InMobi announced the acquisition of Sprout, whose HTML5 rich media creative platform helps agencies and brands reduce the complexity of rich media mobile ad creation and distribution. InMobi’s global presence, combined with Sprout’s rich media...»

Google+: The Elephant in the Room or the Ugly Stepchild?

Jay Livens | August 2nd

The Twittersphere was abuzz when Google announced their new Google + social networking functionality.  For me it was déjà vu as I remembered similar enthusiasm over Google’s ill-fated Wave service.  Thanks to Greg Knierieman I have...»

Progress on SEP 2.0: Interoperability Consortium Announced

Mike Coop | August 2nd

Moments ago at the Wi-Fi Alliance Smart Energy Forum, four key networking alliances announced a consortium to test and certify the interoperability of Smart Energy Profile 2.0 applications and devices. This is big. Important. Vital to the...»

HP TouchPad Update Falls Flat, but Shows Dedication to Tablet Market

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

A month after its release, HP’s TouchPad has been getting bad reviews.  And now, to appease the angry mob, they have launched the webOS 3.02.68, an update to its current software.  But is it enough...»

YouTube Becoming Unusable During the Day?

George Ou | August 2nd

If you’ve been noticing problems with using YouTube during the day over the past few months, it is not your imagination.  The online video streaming for user generated content has degraded significantly in recent months, to the point where...»

Skype for iPad is Back, This Time is for Keeps!

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

With IT anything is possible, even beating Britney Spears’ record of getting married and divorcing within 24 hours. This is what happened to Skype today. The only difference is that they immediately rekindled romance with...»

With 1 Billion Transactions Daily, Can eBay Survive Without the Open Source Cloud?

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

The recent OSCON 2011 event has paved the way for some open source cloud education. The event that highlighted enterprises like OpenStack, VMware and Hadoop created a positive impression in this space. And,...»

The Lesson that Android Needs to Learn, but Probably Won’t

Steven Hodson | August 2nd

There are reasons that Windows is still the most prevalent operating system in the world.  Primarily is the fact that from the very early days, Windows was easy to get and install, either legally or illegally. Anyone who...»