Facebook’s New Premium Ads and Its Impact on Advertisers

Saroj Kar | March 1st

Shortly before the planned IPO that will boost the world's largest social network, Facebook is targeting investors with their new ad offerings. Facebook, for the first time, is allowing advertising on mobile devices. Facebook launches...»

1010data Provides Big Data Analysis in the Cloud with the Trillion Row Spreadsheet

Bert Latamore | March 1st

1010data (pronounced Ten-ten data) is a SaaS big data management and analysis provider created by two former Wall Street analysts in 2000, before either Software-as-a-Service or big data existed as industry terms. It has more...»

Big Data Can Turn Content into Context, says Digital Reasoning COO [Video]

Kristen Nicole | March 1st

There’s plenty of buzz around big data, but it all boils down to being able to turn that content into context.  We can tap all the data the world has to offer, but it means...»

Strata Conference Day 2: Making Use of the Web’s Pool of Data

Maria Deutscher | March 1st

Strata Conference 2012 is all about big data, a term that has gotten considerably bigger since last year, thanks to a market-wide shift and companies like Cloudera, HortonWorks and MapR.  Yesterday we covered Day...»

Game Dev Starbreeze Reaches Out to Pirates, Offers Jobs

Kyt Dotson | March 1st

Alongside the release of the Xbox 360 version of EA’s Syndicate came the expected releases from the warez Scene. With each upcoming release of a game, the warez community does its best to beat the release date to...»

Talend’s Open-Source Approach to Hadoop is Working [VIDEO]

Maria Deutscher | March 1st

Yves de Montcheuil, the head of marketing for Talend, stepped into theCube with John Furrier and Wikibon’s Dave Vellante to talk a bit about his company, its announcements from the Strata Conference and the...»

Hackers Take a Bite Out of Apple Customers, Apple Slow to Resolve Claims

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

Hacktivists are quite popular these days, especially with Anonymous taking down government sites to fight corruption and injustice.  But the problem is, other hackers are wreaking havoc in cyberspace.  They’re hacking into user accounts and...»

New Media Minute: Mobile Marketing: How to Reach Consumers in Retail Stores

Daisy Whitney | March 1st

More than half of U.S. smartphone users turned to their phone to perform retail-related activities while in a store, according to comScore. That could be taking a picture of a product, comparing prices or scanning bar codes for coupons. How can...»

Google Pushes New Privacy Policy Despite EU Warning, Gets Sued

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

Today is the day that Google implements their new Privacy Policy amidst warnings from regulators.  Google Director of Privacy, Product and Engineering Alma Whitten announced it on Google’s official blog.  Below is the...»

Windows 8 vs. iOS: the Cloud’s New Battle Ground

Mellisa Tolentino | March 1st

With the consumer preview of the Windows 8 yesterday, the question of how it stacks up to Apple is inevitable.  But Windows 8, unlike Mountain Lion, is also a mobile OS, so instead of comparing...»