Karmasphere’s Hadoop Tools Now Available Via Amazon Web Services

Klint Finley | November 3rd

Karmasphere announced that its Apache Hadoop tools Karmasphere Analyst and Karmasphere Studio will be available via Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce as a pay-as-you-go service. Users will still need to download the tools,...»

Asia a Favorable Investment Destination for Kleiner Perkins and Others

Isha Suri | November 3rd

Venture Capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is showing its love for the Dragon country as it's raising a second $250 million fund to invest in Chinese companies.  The firm has done its filing...»

If Steve Jobs were Looking for Funding Today He Wouldn’t Get it – He’s a Marketeer

Tom Foremski | November 3rd

I watched the PBS documentary on Steve Jobs last night,"One last thing" and it was well done, mixing a fair bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly about the life of the man. And

Picking the Low Hanging Fruit and Considering SaaS in a Larger Context

Bert Latamore | November 3rd

Obviously the place to start with any cloud migration is with the “low hanging fruit”. And you should start with one or two services as early as possible to gain experience with SaaS. This is true...»

Another Hadoop Alternative: Spark

Klint Finley | November 3rd

I just published a list of Apache Hadoop alternatives, but here's another one for the list: Spark. Spark is an distributed in-memory data analytics platform that uses the Scala programming language. IBM claims that Spark...»

Alleged Chinese Hacker Targets Companies Involved in Chemical and Military R&D

Kristina Farrah | November 3rd

Symantec, a US-based security company, uncovers a string of cyber attack against 48 companies involved in chemical and military industries. The assaults are said to be corporate espionage carried out by hacker 'Nitro' from China. It


SAP Gets Greener, One Kilowatt at a Time

Maria Deutscher | November 3rd

Business software maker SAP  is looking to break out of business as usual to deliver better results to its shareholders, as well as to achieve some extended goals.  The company released its quarterly sustainability...»

ARM Gets Ready to Swim with the Blue Whale via HP MoonShoot

Cherr Aira | November 3rd

The fact the late Steve Jobs went with the neophyte ARM technology over the biggie Intel to propel their ultralight designs as seen in iPad—Jobs' crowning glory. This perhaps became the springboard for Hewlett-Packard to tap their...»

New Media Minute: How to Measure ROI in Online Video

Daisy Whitney | November 3rd

About 40% of media buyers at marketers and agencies say that measuring ROI in online video is hard to do. That’s why marketers should outline goals up front so they can better measure ROI against the cost per view in online...»

3+ Alternatives to Apache Hadoop

Klint Finley | November 3rd

Next week the SiliconAngle team is heading to the HadoopWorld event in New York City. We'll be broadcasting theCube live and covering all the latest developments in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. But it's important to remember...»