Amazon Wants to Open a Marketplace for Your Unused Resources

Maria Deutscher | September 13th

Business that have purchased more Amazon Web Services (AWS) than they need are about to have an option other than waiting for their subscription to expire. Amazon is working on a new marketplace that will...»

Compared: iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II

Mellisa Tolentino | September 13th

You probably already know that the iPhone 5 was launched yesterday, and the biggest news about the device is its size.  Yes, it’s bigger--perhaps Apple is looking to invade the phablet space.  Yes, I know it’s not...»

Cloud Computing Grows in Australia

Amber Harris | September 13th

Cloud computing isn't a US only phenomenon. Thanks to large technology vendors launching major services, the use of cloud computing is growing around the world, including  Australia. One of the big changes coming to Australia's cloud...»

A Platform for Good Aims to Do Battle with Evil

Mike Wheatley | September 13th

The issue of kids and internet safety seems to crop up every other day, always with some new horror story involving social media sites like Facebook or ‘flirting’ apps like Skout. But while this negative news tends to...»

Cloud Disruption: Market Research

Amber Harris | September 13th

If it took less time to get from your car to your favorite store in the mall on your last visit, you might have cloud computing to thank.  The crews of surveyors asking for a "few...»

Thinner, Faster, Bigger, But The iPhone 5 Is Still A Failure

Mike Wheatley | September 13th

Apple fans will never admit it, but following the long awaited unveiling of the iPhone 5, it’s pretty obvious that the company is missing Steve Jobs’ innovative thinking more than ever. Sure, the look and feel of...»

iPhone 5 Event: Steve Jobs Never Would’ve Let That Happen

Kristen Nicole | September 13th

Few products change the world, but the iPhone has reshaped the consumer market so thoroughly that it can affect the United States' GDP.  Every year Apple reveals an updated version of the iPhone, and yesterday marked the...»