E3 Forecast – XBox Live with a Chance of PSN

John Casaretto | June 1st

The gaming console world has no shortage of its own “fanboys” in either the Playstation or XBOX camps.  But with E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up in a few days, one has to wonder what...»

Fusion-io Targets Billion-Dollar Mark With Flash Memory IPO

Cherr Aira | June 1st

With the flash memory technology boost, Fusion-io hopes to reach the billion-dollar mark as it reveals details of its IPO opening. From the initial plan of selling its share for $13 apiece, ...»

Myth # 4 of the Good-Enough Network: “Just Look for Standards”

Michael Rau | June 1st

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Michael Rau, Vice President, CTO, for the Borderless Network Architecture Cisco. Just 50 years ago, personal computers, corporate networks, and email didn't exist. So sending a note meant getting...»

Juniper QFabric Simplifies Networking, Improves Security

Maria Deutscher | June 1st

Juniper Networks’ QFabric datacenter offering aims to simplify networks, and collapse the three core, distribution layer, and access layer with only one. The company has only managed to reduce these three layers to two


EMC and Cisco Launch Cloud Center in Bangalore

Maria Deutscher | May 31st

EMC and Cisco have reportedly launched their Cloud Experience Centres' in Bangalore, India. The EMC Centre of Excellence and at the Cisco Globalization Centre East are located in a twin facility, and are


FalconStor Adds Two New VPs from HP and Symantec

Maria Deutscher | May 31st

Cloud storage solutions provider FalconStor announced it has made some staffing changes, and hired two new VPs. The company has hired former Hewlett-Packard exec Donna Williams to serve as vice president of worldwide technical


Apple’s iCloud: Coming to a Living Room Near You?

Kyt Dotson | May 31st

For some time now, Apple has been seen as extremely deficient with their delivery of the personal cloud for customers. In fact, even services such as iTunes fall down when it comes to offering online storage—considering instead selling...»

Could Microsoft be the Next Mobile Superpower?

Gareth Spence | May 31st

The market’s response to Microsoft’s purchase of Skype has been far from welcoming. A sharp drop in Microsoft’s share price was followed last week by public calls for Steve Ballmer’s resignation. While many analysts and

Windows Phone’s Follow-Up to Mango is Called Apollo

Steven Hodson | May 31st

Even though Mango hasn’t even reached our Windows Phones, that hasn’t stopped the prognostication to start about what will follow. Slated to be released in 2012, the next version of Windows Phone is apparently called "Apollo"...»

Infographic: How Much are the Top Private Company Founders Worth?

Tom Foremski | May 31st

Here's a great infographic showing the estimated worth of some of the founders of hot private companies, via RetailMeNot: (click) [Cross-posted at Silicon Valley...»