Two Big Talent Scores for enStratus: John Willis and James Urquhart

Klint Finley | November 1st

Cloud governance and management company enStratus made two big hires in the past week: John Willis and James Urquhart, the new VP of Product Strategy. Willis is well known in DevOps circles and...»

HP Sees Major Inflection Point in Redstone Low-Power Servers

Bert Latamore | November 1st

Today's announcement of the initial components of HP's multi-year, multi-project Project Moonshot  program for developing very large, very low power servers is an inflection point equivalent to the introduction of the x86 architecture in the...»

Gerald Kleyn in theCube on HP’s Labs Discovery at Project Moonshot Press Event

Kyt Dotson | November 1st

Dave Vellante and John Furrier interviewed Gerald Kleyn, Program Director, Hyperscale Engineering, about how HP’s Lab Discovery assists customers when it comes to partner’s new solutions and chips. He’s speaking after the press gathering involving HP’s Project Moonshot....»

Forrester Analyst Richard Fichera Talks About HP Moonshot Use Cases and More

Klint Finley | November 1st

Today the SiliconAngle team is at HP, covering the announcement of Moonshot, an ARM based low energy server technology. Among the guests on our live show theCube was Forrester analyst (and former director of blade...»

QLogic Uses Cadence Infrastructure to Model SoC

Maria Deutscher | November 1st

Cadence Design Systems released a case study covering QLogic’s use of its Cadence Palladium XP Verification Computing Platform to speed up the design (specifically the system-level testing) of a system-on-chip (SoC) leveraged  in a new...»

Samsung Continues its Counterattack on Apple, Demands iPhone 4S Source Code

Saroj Kar | November 1st

There seems to be no end to the tussle between Samsung and Apple.  The legal battle between these two has been particularly rough in Australia, and for those who have not been following the developments, here...»

HP Investors Regain Faith as CTO Retires

Saroj Kar | November 1st

After some flip-flopping back and forth, it turns out Hewlett-Packard will keep its PC division and resume production of the tablets after all, reversing the surprise decision to refocus its business that was announced two...»

Niall Dalton Talks Cantor Fitzgerald’s Interest in Project Moonshot and Low-Power ARM Processors

Kyt Dotson | November 1st

Dave Vellante and John Furrier have set up theCUBE in Palo Alto for Hewelett-Packard’s Project Moonshot Press Event. As a guest in the Cube, Niall Dalton, the Director of High Frequency Trade at Cantor Fitzgerald, came in to...»

Hadoop, there it is: Here Comes Hortonworks

Jeffrey Kelly | November 1st

In what appears to be a change in direction, Hortonworks has released a completely open source Hadoop distribution based on Apache Hadoop that will compete head-on with Cloudera’s CDH3. The new distribution, called Hortonworks Data Platform, includes a...»

EMC Offers As-a-Service Delivery of Enterprise Apps

Maria Deutscher | November 1st

Storage solutions maker EMC has taken its latest, and rather significant step towards the cloud. The company introduced  a hybrid cloud version of three enterprise applications customers would otherwise have to run on-premise, according to...»