HTC and Samsung Losing Momentum, Face Apple on All Fronts

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

HTC and Samsung reported results for the second quarter today. Both the companies’ figures suggested that they’re starting to see a decline in their almost supernatural growth rates from the past few quarters, something that...»

Sony Suffers Brunt of Revenue Decline Alongside Competitors Like Nintendo

Kyt Dotson | July 29th

It’s been a bad year for video game console developers out of Japan—I say so because Microsoft still seems to be steaming strong. Both Sony and Nintendo have seen a sharp decline in revenue over the past fiscal...»

Who Looks Worse in Oracle vs. Google Case for Java?

Maria Pila | July 29th

The battle between Oracle and Google is a sordid saga, with each side making its own appeal to the court system.  This last week has been especially thrilling, with emerging emails that make Google look...»

Personal Cloud Needs More Space, Dropbox Stretches Out in SF

Kristina Farrah | July 29th

Getting too big for its current fishbowl, personal cloud storage company Dropbox is looking for a change of scenery--and a bigger office to swim in. They also intend to hire 400 more employees, making them 8 times larger than...»

This Week in the Cloud: From OpenStack to the New OS in Town

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

There have been several interesting update this week from the cloud computing industry, and open-source innovation was one of the biggest highlights in the last few days. HP, Gluster and Dell all had an OpenStack...»

Netflix Trumps Hulu as Best Bet for TVs

Mellisa Tolentino | July 29th

Video streaming has revolutionized how people watch their favorite TV shows and movies, from computers to handheld devices, as the technology adapted to the fast-paced lives of its subscribers.  With Netflix, Hulu and now Amazon...»

Google Petitions Patent Lawmakers, Bulks Up Portfolio

Maria Pila | July 29th

Google announced on Thursday that it had acquired a group of patents from IBM, even as growing interest in intellectual property suggests a coming legal face-off between Oracle, Apple, Microsoft and Google.  The 1,030...»

Xiotech Hailed the First Unbreakable Storage System for Microsoft

Cherr Aira | July 29th

Speed is tantamount to efficiency when you speak of IT solutions. The faster, the better. It saves time, saves energy and delivers fast results. This concept powers Xiotech, a company that shatters binary solutions...»

Spotify Slapped with Patent Suit as Infringement Saga Hits the Music Scene

Mellisa Tolentino | July 29th

We are all familiar with the infringement wars going around the mobile world as HTC battles Apple, Apple fends off Samsung, Oracle takes on Google, and so on and so forth.  But these patent...»

Fusion-io Boosts Statistica’s Already Speedy Performance

Cherr Aira | July 29th

Servicing the industry’s big names like HP, IBM and Dell, a partnership with Fusion-io can be a good bet. Today, the pioneer in flash storage memory has announced significant positive results when StatSoft’s...»