Apple-Proview Dispute Goes Worldwide

Mellisa Tolentino | February 28th

Today’s mobile roundup includes the escalating battle between Apple and Shenzhen Proview Technology, Apple secretly shipping iPad 3, an iOS-linked Tongue Drive System,  and the latest mobile health trends from mHealth. Apple News surfaced last week that...»

Broadcom’s Android 4.0-Optimized Strategy Puts a System on a Chip

Maria Deutscher | February 28th

Networking gear and microprocessor maker Broadcom introduced a new system-on-chip (SoC) series for low-end Android devices at Mobile World Congress this week. A second line for commercial purposes was also unveiled. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich...»

Forecast 2.0 Brings Future Check-Ins to Facebook

Kristen Nicole | February 27th

The check-in has become a symbol of our mobile turnover, contextualizing our social interactions with the layer of location.  Companies like Foursquare have capitalized on the check-in, and now Forecast 2.0 hopes to take...»

As the App Culture Builds, Dell Accelerates its Shift to Services with New Line of Servers, Flash Capabilities

Alex Williams | February 27th

Michael Dell took the stage today at a Dell event with a focus on the demands that come with companies now reaching a maturing stage with its extensive virtualized infrastructure and the continued drive to...»

Redis on Windows vs. Microsoft’s AppFabric

Klint Finley | February 27th

I've mentioned before that Redis, a NoSQL in-memory datastore often used for caching, is red hot and receiving high praise from developers. But how well does it really stand up to the competition? Ichi, a developer...»

HP Cloud VP Departure Telling of Cloud’s Market Potential

John Casaretto | February 27th

An undercurrent of turnover has been persistent when it comes to Hewlett Packard in the news. This includes the exodus of Dave Barr, engineering director for HP’s LeftHand Storage group, to cloud storage startup, Nirvanix.  Cloud...»

Startup Specialist Andy Palmer Joins Cloudant Board

Maria Deutscher | February 27th

Cloudant, “the data layer as a service” company that offers hosting for  CouchDB databases, in addition to a fork of the latter called BigCouch, announced the latest member of its board. Andy Palmer, known...»

Outline of Hadoop’s Problems is Shortsighted

Maria Deutscher | February 27th

Jessica Vascellaro of WSJ published a piece in which she engaged the buzz around Hadoop from the opposite angle, highlighting some of the reasons the open-source parallel analytics platform may not be the universal...»

Feds File for Extension on DNSChanger Trojan Shutdown

Mellisa Tolentino | February 27th

In November 2011, Operation Ghost Click led  to the arrest of six men in Estonia for allegedly using the DNSChanger Trojan to acquire sensitive information from Fortune 500 companies.  An estimated four million computers were infected...»

The Emerging Anti-Stupid Movement Among IT Managers

Klint Finley | February 27th

Do companies like to keep their IT staff stupid? In a recent article for Software Quality Connection Lisa Vaas describes IT managers who oppose providing training for their employees as "pro-stupid." But according to Vaas, more...»