Is Sprint Hypocritcal on Spectrum Hoarding?

George Ou | May 27th

Large carriers like AT&T have frequently been accused of spectrum hoarding.  In AT&T’s case, critics base their claims on the fact that the company has one of the largest holdings of spectrum

Mobile Security Threats Bring Opportunities for Big Business

Kristina Farrah | May 27th

I can’t blame employees who prefer using personal smartphones and tablets to access corporate data. Now that we have portable but potent devices to swap with the awkwardly-sized PCs, why not use it? Oh yes,...»

Xiotech Simplifies VDI for Citrix with Hybrid ISE

Kristen Nicole | May 27th

Citrix has a great outlook for high-level virtualization, with flagship products like XenDesktop and GoToMeeting.  But as amassing data drives demand for cloud innovation, storage presents itself as an important focal point for Citrix’s supporting...»

Microsoft Should Hold its tablets Close to its Chest

Steven Hodson | May 27th

In some ways it’s an exciting time to be a Microsoft watcher. With things like Windows Phone, Kinect, and Windows 8, or as Steve Ballmer calls it – the company’s "riskiest bet yet", it seems like...»

Citrix Synergy 2011 Recap: Mobile, Open Cloud & VDI

Maria Deutscher | May 27th

The Citrix Synergy 2011 this week spurred a lot of developments for Citrix, and focused on three major areas: desktop virtualization (VDI), the company’s core business, as well as mobile and the open cloud –...»

Android-Powered Gaming Console EVO 2 Will Bring Mobile Games to Your Television

Kyt Dotson | May 27th

Envizions Computer Entertainment, Inc. has announced the upcoming production of an expensive gaming console that will bring both Google Android and notable computing power to televisions everywhere. However, it comes at a notable price—with a...»

Citrix CSO Kurt Roemer Talks Security at Synergy 2011

John Casaretto | May 27th

Kurt Roemer shared some time with Dave Vellante and John Furrier on theCube at the Citrix Synergy 2011 event yesterday. As the Chief Security Officer of Citrix, his insight into that state of the...»

Startup-centric Events to Welcome New Ideas in Nordic Region

Kristina Farrah | May 27th

Big companies had their humble beginnings. Big ideas were once small ones, and this underscores the importance of startups. Normally, startups come up with small philosophies and designs that promise a certain future, thus, becoming a...»

Game-Changing Nirvana Phone is Here, Says Citrix’s Chris Fleck

Doug Chandler | May 27th

Citrix earlier this year unveiled its Nirvana Phone concept, where a smartphone in combination with a virtualized desktop and applications like XenDesktop and XenApp could plug into a full-sized display, keyboard and mouse and run


The Oracle-Google Saga: a Never-ending Story

Maria Deutscher | May 27th

The Oracle vs. Google court battle took yet another turn this week when the federal judge overseeing the Java patent litigation said the trial may have to be delayed until authorities finish reexamining some