HTML5: Savior in the Uprising Against Apple In-App Rules

Val Galin | August 10th

In an effort to avoid Apple's new in-app purchase policy, Amazon announced on Wednesday the release of the Kindle Cloud Reader, an HTML5 web app that lets users access their Kindle library...»

Free Coffee on Jonathan’s Starbucks Card

Kristina Farrah | August 10th

In the name of social payment progress, Jonathan Stark, a programmer and writer, is experimenting with social sharing of physical goods using digital currency from his mobile Starbucks Card. The card has money on it so you can...»

Facebook Messenger Out to Get BBM, Google+

Mellisa Tolentino | August 10th

Last March, Facebook acquired group messaging app Beluga for an undisclosed amount.  No news surfaced as to what Facebook’s plan was for the group messaging app until Tuesday afternoon when they launched the


Elevation Partners Roger McNamee 10 Hypotheses For Tech Investing

Alex Williams | August 10th

We got our hands on a presentation from Elevation Partners that we just had to share. The presentation by Elevation Co-Founder Roger McNamee goes through ten hypotheses for technology investing. I looked around a...»

Microsoft Joins Hadoop Party, Adds Support to SQL

Saroj Kar | August 10th

Apache Hadoop has been widely used by enterprises for big data management and making major gains these days, with Microsoft being the latest to join the cloud club.  Microsoft announced the integration of open source...»

Measuring Windows Performance impact for VDI Planning

Greg Schulz | August 10th

Here is a link to a recent guest post that I was invited to do over at The Vitalization Practice (TVP) pertaining to measuring the impact of Windows Boot


Hackers Threaten BlackBerry Maker over Co-Operation with London Riots Investigation

Kyt Dotson | August 10th

Hackers have defaced the BlackBerry blog in a move to intimidate Research In Motion over a statement that the company would lawfully assist the police during the investigation of the London and Tottenham riots. The London riots spread...»

Copyright Holders Take Aim at Over 200,000 BitTorrent Users in the US

Kristina Farrah | August 10th

Amassing under the cloak of a pay-up-or-else scheme, over 200,000 BitTorrent users in the United States have been sued by copyright holders over the past year. Further lawsuits are mounting by the day. We cannot possibly imagine how the...»

Reacting to the Broadband Speed Data

richardbennett | August 10th

Over on the Innovation Policy Blog I take a look at the FCC’s broadband speeds report and some of the reactions to it: The results are surprising to some because they contradict a widely-circulated myth to the...»

Big Data, Hadoop Seep Into More Business, Services

Maria Deutscher | August 10th

There have been some notable highlights from the data analytics industry bubbling up this week, both from big, and relatively small players alike. The first update comes from EMC, one of the many companies  attending at...»