Mars Rover Curiosity Equipped with Laser Death Ray for Science!

Kyt Dotson | December 2nd

In 247 days, about the beginning of next year’s autumn, NASA’s newest robotic observer, Curiosity, will land on Martian soil. Any science fiction reader who has studied astronomy and followed humanity’s ever expanding interest in the sky and...»

Former ICANN Chairman Warns Opposition to New Domain Names Could Fracture the Internet

Tom Foremski | December 2nd

Peter Dengate-Thrush, the recent chairman of ICANN, the Internet regulatory body, warned that opposition to ICANN's new top level domain names (TLDs) could encourage some countries to split from the Internet. In an interview with SVW, he

This Week in Cloud: The Ship Has Sailed

Maria Deutscher | December 2nd

This week there have been several momentous updates, a part of which are not necessarily news but are momentous developments nevertheless.  The main highlight in this category is a new report by Cisco, the...»

Obama’s War on Silicon Valley

Anton Wahlman | December 2nd

In 2008, Silicon Valley's executives, investors and foot soldiers were tripping all over themselves to support Obama. As with the other 53% of voters, they painted onto Obama's image their hopes for a president. In contrast, McCain was...»

Verizon Xbox LIVE FiOS TV Lackluster on Broadcast Content

Kyt Dotson | December 2nd

It looks like Verizon has taken a leap towards making their FiOS TV service a reality via Xbox LIVE thus sealing the dominance of the Xbox as an Internet TV platform and a major player in the...»

The Revival Of Video Game Consoles: Just a Holiday Fling?

Mellisa Tolentino | December 2nd

When you hear ‘video game console’ what comes to mind?  If you ask today’s generations they would probably think Xbox, PS3 or the Nintendo Wii.  If you ask the older generation, they would probably think...»

Sued! The Repercussions of Using Carrier IQ Software

Mellisa Tolentino | December 2nd

The Carrier IQ controversy continues to shake the tech industry as consumers take action against companies involved in the issue. Just hours after Senator Al Franken sent a letter to Carrier IQ containing questions regarding...»

Cisco: Undervalued and on the Move Again on the Strength of the Core Data Center Business

John Furrier | December 2nd

At the peak of the boom Cisco became the world’s most valuable company at roughly $550B. Investors couldn’t get enough Cisco and drove its market cap skyward to 5X where it is today-- just...»

RIM Writes Off Tablet Value, Hopeful for 2012

Isha Suri | December 2nd

RIM is facing a fresh challenge that's merely adding stress to the many woes the BlackBerry maker has dealt with in recent months.  The company recently announced that it would be taking a pre-tax...»

VDI Trends: Key Influencers Drive New Solutions

Maria Deutscher | December 2nd

Nimble Storage revealed the results of a study that asked 600 IT professionals about their current position on VDI in the enterprise. The report includes some interesting figures about the drivers and challenges that are...»