Millennial Media Preps for an IPO after Several Recent Milestones

Maria Deutscher | May 23rd

Millennial Media has seen tremendous growth in the past few months, and it's getting closer and closer to going public. The large, independent mobile ad network is reportedly in talks with banks. According to


HP Top Level Changes, Says GoodBye to Three Senior Executives

Isha Suri | May 23rd

Hewlett-Packard  is saying goodbye to three senior executives from the organization. These include Marius Haas, Tom Iannotti and Gary Budzinski, due to the reason that new chief executive officer Leo Apotheker has shifted...»

Sony Revenues Decline as PSN Breach, Tsunami Stack Up

Maria Deutscher | May 23rd

Ahead of its official earnings call, Japanese electronics giant Sony changed its estimate of the net loss for its fiscal year ending March 2011 to $3.2 billion, reversing its earlier projection of a return


Top Storage Industry Expert David Floyer Publishes Major Report on Industry Trends

Bert Latamore | May 23rd

A new must-read white paper on on, Storage Directions in an Era of Big Data,  defines the major forces and trends in the storage industry and the major trends that will define IT development

Top iPad, Android Tablet Apps for Business Users

Maria Deutscher | May 23rd

The tablet space is heating up as manufacturers and platform makers are becoming more and more competitive with their offerings. As a consequence, the market is evolving, and tablets are gradually invading the office


The Past Week in the Cloud: SAPphire 2011, Partnerships and Privacy

Maria Deutscher | May 23rd

This past in the cloud featured some very significant updates, and one of the main highlights was the SAP SAPphire 2011 conference. The conference’s focus was mainly on the cloud and big data, and


White House CyberSecurity Legislation Underwhelms

John Casaretto | May 20th

The anticipated legislation from the Whitehouse on cybersecurity was delivered late last week.  As our preview had pointed out, it has fallen short of an effective policy for the nation altogether.  It hardly...»

Symantec to Acquire Clearwell Systems, Expands Backup and Archiving

Kristina Farrah | May 20th

In an effort to increase the potency of its information management, Symantec is acquiring Clearwell Systems, a privately-held leader in the eDiscovery market. Clearwell’s eDiscover, offering archiving and backup products, greatly complements Symantec’s information management...»

99% of Google Android Devices Vulnerable

George Ou | May 20th

Google’s ClientLogin Application Programming Interface (API) has been found to be insecure by researchers from Germany’s University of Ulm.  This means that most Google Android phones leak temporary user authentication credentials called...»

Sandy Bridge Macbook Air Latest in Apple Device String

Isha Suri | May 20th

Apple’s latest, the Sandy Bridge Macbook Air, could be hitting the markets shortly and is slated to fall in line in a much better way compared to other companies’ laptops. Apple is increasing the production...»