Is Planning a Facebook Style Timeline for Chatter?

Alex Williams | January 4th CEO Marc Benioff is just bonkers about Facebook. Listen to one of his keynotes and you'll get the picture. Dion Hinchcliffe did the play-by-play at last year's event. Here's his take on the action:

 “....Entering new era,

What Comes First: The Hadoop Application or the Use Case?

Jeffrey Kelly | January 4th

It’s a pretty standard rule-of-thumb for successful IT organizations: Identify a compelling use case first, and then invest in the applicable technology. But what if the technology doesn’t exist yet? That, unfortunately, is the dilemma facing many forward-thinking enterprises when...»

Cisco Pulls the Plug on Overpriced umi Line

Maria Deutscher | January 4th

The sales of Cisco’s umi videoconferencing product evidently missed expectations, now that the company announced it will no longer be shipping new units. It will, however, continue to offer tech support to customers who’ve...»

Pre-rolls, Mobile Video Ads to Drive Online Video Spend 40%

Daisy Whitney | January 4th

After a robust 2011, online video advertising should enjoy another year of rapid growth and is on pace to increase 40% over last year. Some marketers will move money from TV budgets to online video, and they'll be...»

Siri Clone Iris Teams with ChaCha for Better Answers

Saroj Kar | January 4th

There's been a slew of Siri clones hitting the Android Market ever since the launch of the iPhone 4S.  One of the more popular apps to gain instant recognition was Iris (Siri spelled backwards).  Dexetra,...»

The Future of Business Intelligence: Infographic

Maria Deutscher | January 4th

Domo Technologies, a provider of a new kind of executive management software, has published a brief infographic that summarizes the state of the business intelligence industry today. It also focuses on this market’s direction,...»

IBM Acquires Cloud QA Company Green Hat

Klint Finley | January 4th

Today IBM announced that it has an agreed to acquire Green Hat, a company that provides tools for building virtual environments for software quality assurance and testing. This follows the official launch of IBM's ...»

Kinect and Wii Used to Waldo a Nao Robot to Brush a Cat, Imagine What’s Next

Kyt Dotson | January 4th

In what some might call an unholy tandem, a Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii have been hybridized together to permit a man—in this case software engineer  Taylor Veltrop—to remotely brush his cat via 23-inch-tall robotic surrogate. To make this...»

IAB Adds Millennial Media CEO to Board, Recognizes Mobile Influence

Maria Deutscher | January 4th

Millennial president and CEO Paul Palmieri is now a part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s board of directors. About 40 online marketing executives are sitting on IAB board, representing major media companies including Amazon,...»

Broadcom, Others Tap SmartTV Trends

Kristina Farrah | January 4th

In order to offer consumers a solution to enjoy watching their favorite television content wherever they want on whatever device they want,  Sling Media strikes a deal with Broadcom to feature Sling Media