IBM Netezza Considering a Hadoop Appliance

Alex Williams | October 26th

An Apache Hadoop appliance is under consideration for the IBM Netezza product line but the vice president of product management said that they will not develop one unless it can be a game changer. Price performance...»

SAP Stock Up On Great Business Results – Impressive Turnaround for Co-CEOs McDermott and Snabe

John Furrier | October 26th

SAP announced great financial results with their official Q3 2011 earnings this morning. They had a very strong quarter. SAP continues to grow the core business - Business Suite, Business Analytics - with new...»

Citrix Integrates with AppSense after Partner Acquisition

Maria Deutscher | October 26th

AppSense announced today that it has integrated its User Virtualization Platform with the Citrix Cortex Cloud Control Panel, now known as the CloudPortal Services Manager. The goal is to deliver customers a better interface to...»

Cisco Extends TelePresence with Free Perks

Saroj Kar | October 26th

Five years ago, Cisco launched TelePresence (Cisco TelePresence) technology for enterprise customers with extremely realistic video conferencing solutions. To mark and celebrate the 5th anniversary, Cisco is extending its TelePresence videoconferencing by introducing end points...»

Fusion-io Hires New Product Development Head

Maria Deutscher | October 26th

Storage startup Fusion-io apparently hired IT veteran Woody Hutsell as its new director of product management.  Hutsell comes to Fusion-io from data storage firm Vion, where he served as an application acceleration practice director and...»

China Takes the Heat for Latest Japanese Government, Defense Cyberattacks

Maria Deutscher | October 26th

Recently an unusually large number of hacking incidents were unrecovered by seemingly bigger and bigger targets: companies, defense contractors, and now the Japanese government. This time however the attack has been traced back to a server in China,...»

SaaS or PaaS Entrepreneurs Need Business Model Help – Look Here

John Furrier | October 26th

I found a great post today that might help entrepreneurs and business line managers figure out how to roll with SaaS or PaaS business models. Link: Multi-axis Pricing: a key tool...»

November Fifth Looms Large With Anonymous Plot vs. Fox News, Banks

Kyt Dotson | October 26th

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot.” Perhaps we should update that old Guy Fawke’s nursery rhyme greatly popularized by Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta to mention the “Anonymous cyberattack and plot.” The hactivist...»

Chrome 15 Released, Now Even More App-ealing

Mellisa Tolentino | October 26th

We can’t deny the fact that apps have been making our lives easier, and even more fun.  This love for apps is what pushed Google into making the latest Chrome release to be more app-philic. ...»

How the Moneyball Story Relates to Entrenched Enterprise Thinking

Alex Williams | October 26th

Is enterprise thinking entrenched in the past? And how does that relate to the Moneyball story? It seem we can all relate to the Moneyball scenes (I have not seen the film, only the previews that...»