Another HP Top Level Change Drives Networking Challenge, Growth

Mellisa Tolentino | October 4th

Hewlett-Packard recently concluded their Autonomy deal amidst investors’ disapproval and adjusting to a newly appointed CEO.  And today, they made another major announcement vital to their future. HP just announced that Bethany Mayer has...»

Apple Has Spoken: It’s Just an iPhone 4S

Kristina Farrah | October 4th

“How do you follow up a hit product like the iPhone 4? … With the iPhone 4s,” says Apple's new CEO Tim Cook during the highly anticipated iPhone event, which just concluded. So there you go,...»

Has a New Yorker Reporter Found Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto?

Kyt Dotson | October 4th

Bitcoin has its own version of Batman and a New Yorker reporter has gone out hunting for the cryptocurrency's Bruce Wayne. It’s been three years since the inception and introduction of Bitcoin to the world and while it started...»

R.I.P. Zune HD: Apple Will Take Things From Here

Mellisa Tolentino | October 4th

On Monday, it was noted the Microsoft removed reference for Zune HD on their site which people took that Zune is already dead but Microsoft Zune Team member Michael Yaeger stated that it was...»

Anything You Can Do, Robots Can Do Better: Infographic

Kristina Farrah | October 4th

The matter of human vs. machine is a long-standing conundrum, as we're brilliant enough to create machines that are efficient at what they're designed to do, but self-aware enough to recognize the long-term implications of...»

Red Hat Acquires Open-Source Storage Firm Gluster

Maria Deutscher | October 4th

Today Linux distributor Red Hat had a pretty a big announcement. The company acquired Gluster, a provider of open-source storage software for $136 million in cash.  This represents a major expansion for Red Hat, as...»

IBM Tightens Security Services with Q1 Labs Acquisition

Val Galin | October 4th

Just a month ago, IBM acquired security intelligence analytics company i2 to bolster its business analytics together with crime and fraud prevention. And now, IBM is adding another security intelligence software with the...»

Oracle is Obstructing the Future

Klint Finley | October 4th

Today all eyes are on Apple, which is expected to announce the next iPhone, and Oracle, which continues its OpenWorld event. Apple has a tendency to get us excited about the future and what's possible. But that future is...»

Apple e-Book Conspiracy Grows as Personal Cloud Takes Hold

Mellisa Tolentino | October 4th

Back in August, Anthony Petru of Oakland, California and Marcus Mathis of Natchez, Mississippi joined up  with their lawyer Douglas Thompson to file a class action lawsuit against Apple and five of the big six...»

Sprint’s Trump Card is the iPhone + Data

Kristina Farrah | October 4th

A little ahead of the big iPhone news today, a WSJ report alleged a rather overwhelming twist of the iPhone 5’s distribution model.  According to the claim, Sprint will be added to the catalogue...»