BI Provider GoodData Raises $15M from Andreessen-Horowitz

Saroj Kar | August 18th

SaaS startup GoodData has raised $15 million in a second round of funding, led by none other than Andreessen-Horowitz, along with other investors, Windcrest Partners, Fidelity Growth Partners and General Catalyst Partners. GoodData has...»

Dell’s Sales Slump a Downer for U.S Stocks

Maria Deutscher | August 18th

U.S stocks took a dive after hardware giant Dell reported slow growth in Q2, and cut its forecast for the next quarter. Dell’s net income rose by 63 percent compared to the same period last...»

What’s the Future of In-Memory Databases with SSDs Coming into Fashion?

Alex Williams | August 18th

Krishnan Subramanian and I were chatting over Skype yesterday.  Krishnan is a well-known analyst and blogger. He asked a question about a post I wrote this week that looked at ten...»

Citrix Invests in 2 More Startups for Accelerator Program

Maria Deutscher | August 18th

Virtualization firm Citrix has recently invested in two up and coming startups as a part of its seed funding program, the Citrix Startup Accelerator. The two companies are Nukona, the maker of an app management...»

VMware Strengthens Offerings with Growing Partner Base

Maria Deutscher | August 18th

VMware, EMC’s virtualization subsidiary, is taking several approaches to becoming even more established, as well as providing newer offerings that are more attractive to customers, one of them being the expansion of its partner base and 3rd...»

Fix Big Data Issues with Big Data Insight: the Promise of Revolution

Kristen Nicole | August 18th

There’s a new position that’s emerged from the booming big data sector--that of the data scientist.  It’s a job that’s as fluid and pliable as the term big data itself, lingering between two worlds...»

Clean Tech Boldly Going Where No Man has Gone Before

Maria Pila | August 18th

There are a lot of Star Trek fans out there, and one of them is King Abdullah of Jordan. The Middle Eastern monarch, who was once an extra in an episode of Star Trek Voyager,...»

Windows 8 App Store to Compete with Apple, Google

Mellisa Tolentino | August 18th

With the launch of the "Building Windows 8" blog, project president Steven Sinofsky listed the features that Windows 8 will have but there was one particular feature that caught everyone’s eye, and it’s the...»

‘Big Data’ Fuels Mohr Davidow Investments

Tom Foremski | August 18th

A few weeks ago I was over at Sand Hill Road to meet with a group of startups funded by Mohr Davidow Ventures. The theme was "Big Data" and how these companies were using data to build...»

Average Mobile User has 3 Connected Devices: Good News for JiWire, HP

Phoebe Mandap | August 18th

Owning a mobile device nowadays is a necessity.  Mobile utilization has evolved over the years, making the life of every mobile consumer more convenient.  The development has gone from just a simple call and text...»