VMworld 2011: Red Carpet Roll Out for Cloud and Virtualization

Cherr Aira | September 6th

The four-day VMworld 2011 conference finished with the uproar of the industry’s brightest stars. With more than 19000 attendees, it could very well claim a seat as of one of the most sought...»

A Nice Bonus for Zune Desktop Users and Last.fm Fans

Steven Hodson | September 6th

Sharing is all the rage these days, and besides photos, one of the things we like to share the most is our favorite music. This is why Facebook is looking at getting into the music business, and why...»

Viadeo API for US Expansion, Rivals LinkedIn

Kristen Nicole | September 6th

Viadeo, the business social network with 35 million members worldwide, is releasing its public API to boost usability and increase functionality for its members.  With Viadeo's open API, third party developers can leverage the company's...»

China: The Next Battleground for Mobile, Cloud

Val Galin | September 6th

China has recently become the target for some major tech companies, as it becomes the next market for mobile products, especially smartphones and tablets.  Apple already has four stores set up in various cities, with...»

An Objective Comparison of Future Computing Interfaces

George Ou | September 6th

Some tech bloggers are lampooning Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system based on a Microsoft blog that detailed some new feature in the Windows 8 file manager.  MG Siegler of TechCrunch highlighted a heavily marked up file explorer

Netflix Relies on Connected Devices as it Heads to Latin America and Beyond

Phoebe Mandap | September 6th

Netflix is extending its services in Latin America and the Caribbean, following through on a plan that marked its goals for global expansion.  This will provide instant and unlimited streaming for movies and TV...»

StartupWatch: Engine Yard Moves Beyond Rails To PHP

Tom Foremski | September 6th

It's always a pleasure to catch up with John Dillon, CEO of Engine Yard because he's a Silicon Valley veteran and that gives him a perspective into trends and key issues that less experienced managers lack. At Engine...»

Android’s Openness Could Be Its Downfall

Mellisa Tolentino | September 6th

Google has always been proud of the fact that Android is an open source platform, which means it can be used and tweaked by developers, especially mobile manufacturers, the way they want it to run. ...»

Remaking the Internet

richardbennett | September 6th

The Time Warner Research Program has published my essay on the Internet architecture, . The essay examines the issues that make it difficult if not impossible for the Internet to continue to grow and meet the challenges that

Appecelerator: Let the Hackathon Begin, A Race to $10,000

Cherr Aira | September 6th

As mobility becomes a significant parcel of the human race’s daily professional and personal lives, ocean of opportunities open up across the industry. One of which is mobile apps development,which has kicked off strong and...»