VMware Integrates RabbitMQ Messaging System with Cloud Foundry

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

VMware has integrated RabbitMQ with Cloud Foundry, its open-source beta PaaS offering that competes with the Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure and other offerings. RabbitMQ is an also open messaging system that was originally...»

Cloudera Looks to Put Its Seal of Approval on Hadoop Ecosystem

Jeffrey Kelly | August 11th

With its new partner certification program, Cloudera is trying to foster a large and thriving Hadoop ecosystem with itself at the center. A certification from Cloudera means that the hardware or software in question has...»

HP Aggressive with TouchPad Pricing as Tablet Market Intensifies

Saroj Kar | August 11th

HP dropped the price of the TouchPad by $100 last week to $399 for the 16 GB models and $499 for the 32 GB models. The price drop was supposed to be a temporary one,...»

Social Media Used to Fan the Flames of London Riot

Maria Pila | August 11th

Social media has been a potent force in fueling the riots that began Saturday in London's boroughs, later spreading to other areas such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Bristol.  Messages have also been sent via regular...»

Rumor: Mango to Roll Out on September 1

Steven Hodson | August 11th

There’s a rumor floating around today courtesy of a post at Pocket-Lint that Microsoft is set to announce the general availability of  the "Mango" OS update for existing Windows Phones as well as new Windows Phones hitting...»

You’re a Cloud Consumer, In Case You Weren’t Aware

Cherr Aira | August 11th

By now you've surely heard of the term cloud or cloud computing. Or, you might be using its products for the longest time, but are not aware of the latest lingo.  I’m betting my...»

A Fragmented Mobile OS Market Means More Bets on HTML 5

Alex Williams | August 11th

We are seeing developers make more bets on HTML 5. It's in large part due to the features that can be built into apps with the programming language. But it is also about addressing a...»

Cisco Q3: A “Little Bit” Better than Last Quarter

Maria Deutscher | August 11th

Cisco held its earnings call yesterday and it seems that, at least on the short-run, its restructuring efforts are starting to pay off.  The networking giant managed to beat analysts’ average expectation of 38...»

Symantec’s Free Mobile Security App for Android

Kristina Farrah | August 11th

Specifically built for Android as an easy-to-use antivirus and anti-theft product, Symantec today announced the roll out of Norton Mobile Security Lite for free.  Norton Mobile Security 2.0 is also made available for beta. Protection-wise,...»

FTC’s Google Probe Hones in on Android

Mellisa Tolentino | August 11th

The Federal Trade Commission is focusing its probe into Google regarding allegations that the company is killing of the competition by manipulating available services on the Android.

"We understand that with success comes scrutiny," said