Researchers and Marketers Don’t Agree on Future of Nand Flash SSD

Greg Schulz | February 21st

Marketers particular those involved with anything resembling Solid State Devices (SSD) will tell you SSD is the future as will some researchers along with their fans and pundits. Some will tell


February Has the Highest Divorce Rate: Strange Big Data Series

Kristina Farrah | February 21st

Massive sets of data are exploding right before our eyes, thanks to our ever-increasing internet usage and ability to process large data sets. If you present these data sets raw, they'll just look


Hortonworks Announces Partnership with Teradata

Klint Finley | February 21st

Today Apache Hadoop services/support vendor Hortonworks and data warehousing vendor Teradata announced a partnership. The companies will work together to help customers best determine how to use Apache Hadoop. It's not as large a deal as the one...»

‘Dear Instagram…’ – Here’s How to Apply for a Job at a Hot Startup

Tom Foremski | February 21st

Alice Lee just upped the ante by a factor of 100 in what you need to do to get noticed when applying for a job at a hot startup: Click on the image to see the entire job application. ...»

Broadcom Closes NetLogic Deal, Sees Opportunity in Wireless Tech

Maria Deutscher | February 21st

Networking chipmaker Broadcom announced a milestone last week, as it looks to wireless trends after a weak but not disappointing quarter. The company’s $3.4 billion acquisition of NetLogic, a former competitor, has finally been...»

InfiniteGraph Gets Support for Common Graph Database Language and More

Klint Finley | February 21st

Today Objectivity announced a new version of its proprietary graph database InfiniteGraph, which now includes a plugin framework and support for the common graph database standard Gremlin. Graph databases are a type of NoSQL/non-relational...»

OK Labs Develops A Defense Grade Mobile Smartphone That May Appeal to the CIO

Alex Williams | February 21st

Open Kernel Labs is announcing a defense grade mobile smartphone that the company is positioning for the enterprise market. LG will manufacture the devices as part of an OK Labs contract with the Department of...»

CIO Watch Out: Do IT Service Providers Understand the New Cloud Economy?

Alex Williams | February 20th

Gartner Research Analyst Dennis Gaughan recently gave a talk about the major IT vendors that has some great nuggets for the CIO trying to make sense of the tactics employed by IBM, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. A...»

Is Oracle Wasting Its Time Fighting Google?

Maria Deutscher | February 20th

Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for infringing of five Java patents allegedly being illegally used in Android. The database company is seeking a chunk of the increasing  revenue the open-source mobile OS is...»

An Impossible SF Commute Spurs Virtual Work Days

Maria Deutscher | February 20th

On Sunday the San Francisco Bay Bridge reopened, just in time to accommodate the bulk of the early-morning traffic. Most vehicles crossing over in that particular timeframe include workers rushing to the office. This statistical...»