Bahraini Government Using “Stealth” Malware To Spy On Dissidents

Mike Wheatley | August 31st

A Google engineer and a computer science student believe that authoritarian government regimes are using special surveillance software designed for criminal investigations to illegally monitor political activists. The New York Times reports that FinSpy, an elusive espionage...»

Bringing Sexy Back to Virtualization: VMworld 2012

Kyt Dotson | August 31st

[caption id="attachment_117608" align="alignright" width="300"] VMworld 2012 VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger with SiliconAngle Founder John Furrier[/caption] We’re cooling our heels over here at SiliconANGLE after hoofing it around VMworld 2012 with a vengeance—we’ve seen the release of so many great...»

Facebook To Let Advertisers Hunt You Down Using Your Email and Phone No.

Mike Wheatley | August 31st

Facebook has just sanctioned the stalking of every single one of its users by companies that wish to bombard them with advertisements and special offers. Reports suggest that the social media giant is tweaking its ad targeting methods,...»

Oracle Belatedly Issues Java Security Fix, But Is It Enough?

Mike Wheatley | August 31st

Oracle has just issued an urgent fix to seal a dangerous security flaw within its Java software that’s left thousands of computers wide open to malicious attacks from hackers. The update follows revelations that Oracle actually...»

The 7 Hour OpenStack Foundation Meeting: New Leadership Team and Not Much Else

Maria Deutscher | August 30th

Members of the OpenStack Foundation, the independent organization that Rackspace created to take responsibility for the open-source cloud OS, have met for the first time this week. The seven-hour long meeting gave the attending executives the opportunity to sort...»

VMware Backup and Recovery Trends, VMworld 2012 Spotlight Segment

Kathryn Buford | August 30th

Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman of continue their VMworld 2012 coverage in this spotlight segment on backup and recovery for VMware customers and practitioners. Vellante and Miniman high-level overview examines industry trends concerning virtualization,...»

Why VMware Is Trying to Join OpenStack

Tavis J. Hampton | August 30th

The news from VMworld that VMware wants to join OpenStack has likely confused many. It would be easy to argue that VMware is a competitor to OpenStack and should not be ...»