There’s a Hush in the Air…and a Burn Coming Up

Tom Foremski | September 1st

There's been a perceptible hush in the air around San Francisco as people get busy finalizing their Burning Man preparations. You can see cars and vans being packed, bikes being strapped and roof racks piled high. Burning...»

Networking Evolves for Virtualization, Cloud Computing Demands

Jeffrey Kelly | September 1st

As more data centers go virtual and cloud computing – both public and private clouds – gains adoption, HP believes the network needs to become flatter in order to keep up. Specifically, the industry needs to...»

Healthcare Data Braces for HIPAA Audits

John Casaretto | September 1st

Will your organization be on the list?  Just a short few weeks ago, the US Department of Health and Human Services awarded a $9.2 million dollar contract to the professional services firm KPMG to...»

IBM is on an Acquisition Spree for Big Data Software

Mellisa Tolentino | September 1st

IBM jumps in the “big data” rush as it announced two major acquisitions in two days.  On Wednesday, Big Blue announced that it will acquire security intelligence analytics company i2 in its hopes to grow...»

Microsoft Azure Toolkit for Android Ramps Mobile Competition

Maria Deutscher | September 1st

Software giant Microsoft has become invested in both the PaaS and mobile markets, and Azure is proving to be a very handy tool bolstering the company’s market share on both ends. Microsoft took an interesting...»

VMforce is Dead: The Platform Rivalry Heats Up Between and VMware

Alex Williams | September 1st

The competition between VMware and is pretty clear when you look at VMforce, the platform as a service launched last year by the two companies that is now all but dead. and VMware...»

Syncplicity on iPad Solidifies “Anywhere” Cloud Access

Kristen Nicole | September 1st

Syncplicity Inc., the provider of file management solutions in the cloud that offers instant synchronization, backup, file sharing and collaboration in one integrated solution, rolled out an iPad app today.  Users can now browse, share...»

Live Blog Dreamforce 2011 Keynote, Day 2

Klint Finley | September 1st

I’m live blogging the second day of’s Dreamforce 2011 event – watch this space for updates. Dreamforce Keynote Day...»

Social Enterprise Lights Up Dreamforce 2011

Cherr Aira | September 1st

With forecasts of the social CRM market reaching $1 billion in revenue by 2012, innovations in apps stores and solutions are spurring at a record pace.  Thanks to the immense influence of 750 plus million...»