iPads Loses Stronghold as Android OS Mimics Smartphone Takeover

Maria Deutscher | July 25th

Last year when Apple launched the iPad it has a near monopoly of the market, thanks to the fact the tablet was the first to sell by the millions, compared to the mostly business-oriented alternatives...»

Rackspace Cloud 2.0 Tops Business Tablet Apps of the Week

Maria Deutscher | July 24th

The tablet ecosystem is expanding further and further into the office, and as the audience grows, the number of tablet apps for business users follows. This week we’ve rounded up five more iPad and Android...»

Booshaka CEO Erik Ober on How You Can Identify your Top Fans on Facebook

socialnerdia | July 22nd

I first spoke with Erik Ober, CEO of Booshaka, in 2010 because his startup, which started as a search engine for Facebook, had caught my interest. I expressed that while it was great to...»

Accepting Lowered Security for Improved Productivity

John Casaretto | July 22nd

A recent survey reported on at DarkReading touched on the dilemma of security versus productivity.  Citing an available report from Crossbeam Systems, this classic balancing game pits the desires of functionality and performance...»

Windows Phone 7 “Mango” Released to Manufacturing: The Wait Begins

Steven Hodson | July 22nd

Microsoft has finally released the next update to Windows Phone, otherwise known as Mango, to manufacturing. Now, before you start getting all excited and everything, this doesn’t mean you are going to see it anytime soon...»

The Media Mass Age, and the New Media Mess Age

Tom Foremski | July 22nd

You may have noticed that the media loves to cover the media -- it's a narcissism that is not unique to the profession but certainly more visible because of its ready means of expression. It's partly media's fascination with...»

Nokia to Launch WP7 Device in 2011, but already Reporting Negative Results

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

Nokia has lost a huge amount of market share since the iPhone launched four years ago, and it’s time to do some serious damage control. The company had its earnings call for the second quarter, where it...»

Google Explains Why it Turned Down a $100M Deal with Java

Val Galin | July 22nd

Fresh from his uncommon appearance at Google's Q2 earnings call, CEO Larry Page might make another appearance—in a deposition. Oracle's request for Page's deposition has been approved on Thursday by Judge Donna Ryu of the U.S....»

The China Equation: Alibaba to Unveil Smartphone and Mobile OS

Alex Williams | July 22nd

In the United States and Europe, the talk is all about the iOS and the Android OS. But the news that China's Alibaba is unveiling a smartphone and operating system shows that the focus...»

Borders Saying Goodbye, Everyone Goes Digital

Maria Pila | July 22nd

Borders Books and Music remained as one of the largest book retailer for over 40 years in the industry before the invasion of eReaders and digital publishing. The company is closing its door today after...»