Appcelerator Hires Two Adobe Veterans, Infiltrates Europe

Kristen Nicole | January 19th

Appcelerator hired two new executives to head its R&D operations, both of whom have worked over a decade each for software maker Adobe. Carl Orthlieb is taking over as the new VP of engineering, bringing with...»

Survey: For Big Data, the Large Enterprise is Turning to Linux [Infographic]

Alex Williams | January 18th

A survey by the Linux Foundation and  the Yeaman Technology  Group finds that enterprise customers are using Linux about twice as much than Windows for their big data efforts. The survey explored Linux adoption in...»

Bitcoin Sneaks Into Popular TV Drama via The Good Wife

Kyt Dotson | January 18th

It’s always a good sign when a particular underground innovation finds its way into popular media—and although I've been wondering when it would show up on “ripped from the headlines” Law & Order as some sort of badly designed drama...»

Jaspersoft, Red Hat Team Up for Embedded BI

Maria Deutscher | January 18th

Open-source analytics firm Jaspersoft teamed-up with Linux distributor Red Hat to integrate JasperReports Server into Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0. The fused product launched into general availability today, and offers companies better insight into their...»

Jetpacks for Dinosaurs’ Tom Hughes-Croucher Talks Node.js and Consulting Trends

Klint Finley | January 18th

Yesterday I talked to Up and Running with Node.js author and Jetpacks for Dinosaurs principal Tom Hughes-Croucher. I already shared his thoughts on the relationship between DevOps and Node.js. Prior to starting Jetpacks for Dinosaurs, Hughes-Croucher...»

New Media Minute: How Consumers Use Tablets, Mobile Devices in the Home – Words from a TV Exec

Daisy Whitney | January 18th

Like most TV networks, Scripps Networks has launched programming on mobile devices and tablets. So far, the programmer has found that tablet usage is four to five times that of the other devices. We caught up with Scripps...»

Hewlett-Packard’s Dynamic Executive Team Sees More Changes

Maria Deutscher | January 18th

HP has seen a lot of senior execs come and go recently – most of them going in the past month or so. The latest update however concerns a promotion of the company’s software head,...»

Google’s Strategy to Boost its G+ Social Network Risks Harming Quality of Search

Tom Foremski | January 18th

Last week Google introduced search results heavily influenced by relevant signals from people's social circles and promoting G+ content in its search results. The move is an attempt to boost its nascent G+ social network, which has had...»

Cisco’s New Integrated Smart Grid Platform

Maria Deutscher | January 18th

Networking giant Cisco and energy management solutions maker Itron announced a jointly developed smart grid architecture that fuses together technologies from both companies. The solution is comprised of the Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Router and...»

Amazon Challenges Its Open Source Progeny with Hosted DynamoDB Service

Klint Finley | January 18th

In 2007, published a paper on its distributed datastore Dynamo, which the company uses to power its e-commerce site. The paper inspired several open source NoSQL projects, including Apache Cassandra, BigCouch (...»