RIM’s Top Dog Answers Customers’ Concerns

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

If Research in Motion thought that free premium apps and tech support would compensate for the three-day service outage that their consumers experienced last week, they’ll have to think again.  Customers want to know...»

Cisco’s Major Portfolio Expansion: Adapted for Big Data

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Networking giant Cisco has had a rough ride this past year, undergoing a major restructuring in its efforts to return to its core business.  Today Cisco took an important step forward, adding new switches to...»

Q&A with Tableau Software Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Pat Hanrahan [Part 1]

Alex Williams | October 18th

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Pat Hanrahan, chief scientist and co-founder at Tableau Software, a leader in the data visualization field. In part one of our two part Q&A, Hanrahan discusses how...»

Virginia Tech’s Software: No More Data Walking Out of Android’s Door

Cherr Aira | October 18th

It seems like the end is near for modern-day mobile cheating in schools. Virginia Tech researchers have developed software that will impose tailor-made policies on Android OS depending on what room you are in. this feature is...»

VMware Takes on Spiceworks with New VMware Go Pro Features

Klint Finley | October 18th

Today at its VMworld Europe event, VMware announced new features for VMware Go Pro, an entirely cloud based IT management system. Go Pro will soon be able to scan and inventory customers IT infrastructure, including both physical...»

Round 2: Google Vs. Viacom

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

YouTube’s unique viewership grew 1%, from 147.1 million to 149.2 million because of the massive video collection available on their site making them the largest video site in the world.  And this doesn’t go well with...»

Tintri Launches Latest Storage Appliance: More Capacity, Automation

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Tintri, a maker of storage solutions specifically designed for virtualized environments, announced the new Tintri VMstore T540 VM-aware storage appliance at the VMware Europe conference, held this week in Copenhagen. The T540 features several enhancements, mainly increased...»

Investors Not Buying RIM’s Peace Offering, Apple Snatches All-Time High in Shares

Cherr Aira | October 18th

RIM Blackberry bathes in publicity nowadays; but, this is the kind of publicity no one wants to be in. A four-day outage triggered following a failure of England’s data center. Millions of Blackberry users...»

No More Bill Shock as CTIA Gives In to FCC Threats

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

Isn’t it frustrating that you only find out that you’ve exceeded your plan when you get your phone bill? It’s hard to actually keep track of how much you’ve already consumed, especially if you’re busy...»