EMC Backup Group Focused on Making Things Simpler for Customers

Bert Latamore | May 9th

Waves of technology have rocked the once-stable backup and recovery market, completely changing customer needs, says B.J. Jenkins, president of EMC Backup and Recovery. Speaking on SiliconAngle.TV from EMCWorld 2011 on Monday, May 9, Jenkins said that...»

Happy Cloud Brings the Power of the Cloud to Video Game Downloads

Kyt Dotson | May 9th

With the advent of higher bandwidth and fat pipe Internet connections to residences we’ve been seeing the rise of streaming for everything. It can affect more than just TV shows and movies, but also video...»

Deciphering the New Network at Interop

Stuart Miniman | May 9th

This week in Las Vegas, just about every networking vendor will release one of more press releases at Interop telling you about all of the latest and greatest products and technologies. Even...»

Hadoop End-Users Should Align with Apache Community

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

Despite the significant progress made by the Apache community and start-up contributors like Cloudera, Hadoop is still in its infancy. Like most young open source technologies, Hadoop is and will continue to be for some time a...»

Will EMC’s Greenplum-Hadoop Gambit Pay Off?

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

Wikibon believes EMC’s success or failure in the commercial Hadoop market depends on four critical factors. 1. EMC’s reception by the open source Apache Hadoop community. Credibility is critical to gaining adoption in a young, open source...»

Seven Myths of the Good-Enough Network

Michael Rau | May 9th

Editor's Note: This is a post by Michael Rau, Vice President, CTO for the Borderless Network Architecture Cisco. True or false: Networking has come such a long way that you can buy any inexpensive...»

Why EMC is Making its Hadoop Move

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

In our view, EMC is making its move in the commercial Hadoop market at this time for four primary reasons: #1. To reestablish its strategic position on Wall Street as a growth company by targeting...»

Mike Arrington Responds To His Critics

Tom Foremski | May 9th

Mike Arrington, Editor of Techcrunch, responded to his critics yesterday. In his post he said he would continue to make investments and that everyone in Silicon Valley is conflicted in one way or another. I...»

EMC Enters Commercial Hadoop Market with Greenplum HD Appliance

Jeffrey Kelly | May 9th

EMC’s entrance into the commercial Hadoop market is a low risk, potentially high reward move by the Hopkinton, Mass.-based storage vendor, as the market for Big Data processing and analytics technologies could reach into the...»

EMC World 2011 Conference Kicks Off at Las Vegas

Isha Suri | May 9th

The much awaited EMC World 2011 Conference has kicks off today at The Venetian in Las Vegas with the theme of "Cloud Meets Big Data." The event is 11th in the series and...»