Why Users don’t Like Branded Apps…Umm, They’re Branded.

Robert Manto | July 13th

Mobile apps have become very popular in these times of technological advancement. In just a few years, mobile apps continue at a rapid rate, on the production and adoption sides. Good thing for consumers, since...»

Convergence Pushes Services Up the Stack

Stuart Miniman | July 13th

Stack solutions like VCE’s Vblock, NetApp’s FlexPod and HP’s Converged Infrastructure look to bust the traditional silos of IT and create pools of resources. While solutions can be shipped as a single SKU (see...»

Patent Trolling in Silicon Valley: 12 Companies Sued by IV

Maria Deutscher | July 13th

Intellectual Ventures, a $5 billion patent investment firm lead by former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold, is looking at some of the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley in a effort to further monetize its portfolio...»

LiveChat for iPad, Easier Customer Chat Support

Jennefer Almirante | July 13th

LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool for ecommerce sales and support, which helps people  talk to website visitors.  They've taken their service mobile, launching LiveChat for...»

The Services Angle on VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure Suite

Dave Vellante | July 12th

Three years ago, VMware CEO Paul Maritz announced his intention to build what he called a "Software Mainframe." What did that mean? It meant that VMware engineers (2,000 of them) were going to build a...»

Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference Previews Upcoming Hardware

Steven Hodson | July 12th

While much of today’s keynote on the second day of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference  was about some pretty dry subjects, mainly targeting the enterprise market space,   some time was taken  show off some of the hardware that will...»

The Tata Cloud – Why Cloud.com Makes Good Sense

Alex Williams | July 12th

Tata Communications, the worldwide consulting service provider, is building a network of data centers throughout the world to serve the small business market. To do that, the company is using Cloud.com, which Citrix...»

CloudFlare Raises $20M for Cloud Acceleration, Security Offerings

Maria Deutscher | July 12th

CloudFlare, a security startup that has its roots in open source spam protection network Project Honey Pot, just raised $20 million in a Series B funding round, led by New Enterprise Associates. Existing investors Pelion...»

Microsoft Walks on Clouds – Windows Intune Takes IT Virtual

Mellisa Tolentino | July 12th

Cloud computing is really something that companies and investors are looking into these days, and this week delivers a couple prime examples of this growing trend.  Citrix just acquired Cloud.com, with a remaining focus...»