Venture Capital Funding Lopsided

Michael Trager | May 6th

It certainly comes as no surprise that consumer oriented start ups currently enjoy easier access to funding than has been available for the past few years due to the success and high profile of companies...»

Youku Loss Narrows, Issues New Shares

Michael Trager | May 6th (ticker symbol YOKU) is a Chinese online video company which currently enjoys a dominant position in the Chinese online video market as gauged by revenue, but is certainly not without competition. The shares...»

Does Skype Need Another Daddy?

Maria Deutscher | May 6th

Reuters broke the news last night that social networking titan Facebook may just be buying Skype. A source reportedly said that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is amidst deep talks about buying Skype. This


The Cloud M&A Scene Too Hot to Handle?

Maria Deutscher | May 6th

The cloud industry represents a constantly maturing and expanding trend, and it seems that every spark of innovation can trigger quite a bit of interest from some of the biggest players in IT.


Oracle vs. Google: Judge Removes Vast Majority of Claims

Maria Deutscher | May 5th

Oracle and Google have been clashing in court over alleged Android and Java-related infringements on seven of Oracle’s patents. And now, it turns out that Google won the latest battle. The California judge handling


Pupil: Where Photos Meet Q&A

Kristen Nicole | May 5th

When Color launched its mobile app, it was a red carpet event, lined with high profile investors and an all-star management team.  The premise behind this promising app, which started out with more funding

Red Hat is Red Hot! Partners with EnterpriseDB for OpenShift Ecosystem

Cherr Aira | May 5th

Teaming up with other companies is oftentimes a make-or-break move for businesses. Red Hat is fortunate enough to benefit from, and pump revenues through partnerships. This could also be the reason why they...»

Buzz on Cloud, Big Data for EMC World

John Casaretto | May 5th

The buzz around the upcoming EMC World 2011 is building around the convergence of Cloud and Big Data. As an expected 10,000 customers, partners, press, analysts and so descent on Las Vegas...»

WSJ’s SafeHouse: For Anonymous Wall Street Leaks

Tom Foremski | May 5th

The Wall Street Journal has launched SafeHouse - "Securely share information with The Wall Street Journal."

It asks:

If you have newsworthy contracts, correspondence, emails, financial records or databases from companies, government agencies or non-profits,

Sony Still Buried Under Investigation of PlayStation Network Breach

Kyt Dotson | May 5th

As more layers are uncovered in the investigation of the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Online user-information breach things continue to get more interesting. The United States Congress reached out to Sony, asking them to...»