How Technology and Markets Made Net Neutrality Moot

George Ou | November 16th

Before the courts have even ruled on Verizon’s lawsuit against the FCC‘s proposed Net Neutrality regulations, it appears that technological progress will make the wireless device neutrality portion of the FCC rules moot. One of the key aspects...»

World of Warcraft Subscriptions Plummet Ten Percent; Activision-Blizzard Triples Profits

Kyt Dotson | November 16th

During an investor call for Activision-Blizzard revealed some interesting news about the overall health of the massively popular massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s MMO lost more subscribers than previous years and has hit its all-time-low from...»

Nook, Kindle Fire Get Ahead with Advanced Product Launches

Mellisa Tolentino | November 16th

Last Monday the Kindle Fire launched ahead of its scheduled date of release, which was supposed to on Tuesday. And its number one contender, the Nook Tablet, launched days ahead of its schedule as...»

Jaspersoft’s New Scholar Program Bridges Analytics Skill-Gap

Maria Deutscher | November 16th

BI software maker Jaspersoft has a new initiative: the Jaspersoft Scholars Program,  which provides higher education institutions an opportunity to apply for a free license of the company’s commercial BI suite. In addition, training and other...»

The Groupon “Oops” Moment: an Iffy IPO

Cherr Aira | November 16th

From $1 million to several billions of dollars after just four years, Groupon is undoubtedly an industry phenomenon. They generated quite a buzz around addictive daily deals, setting the trend for an entirely new market...»

DotCloud Cloud Adds Support for MySQL, MongoDB and Redis

Maria Deutscher | November 16th

DotCloud announced that its cloud management platform now supports three of the most popular databases used in cloud deployments: MySQL, MongoDB and Redis, a relatively new NoSQL database. DotCloud was founded in 2010 and launched...»

Apple’s New Non-Executive Chairman and Director

Mellisa Tolentino | November 16th

Apple recently lost a couple of their top executives when Ron Johnson, Apple Senior VP of Retail, left to become CEO of J.C. Penny, and John Theriault, Apple Vice President of Global Security, retired,...»

Are You Team Facebook or Google: Who Can Better Secure Your Data?

Cherr Aira | November 16th

The security terrain provides another fighter's ring for the match between two of the biggest web stars: Facebook and Google. The two titans have been trying to push each other out of the premier spot...»

Apache Hadoop Gets its First Update in More Than a Year

Alex Williams | November 15th

Apache Hadoop has a new release, its first in more than a year. According to the Cloudera blog, the new release, Apache 0.23.0, has a number of new features and improvements, including HDFS...»

Hadoop and NoSQL VC Funding Is More Than $350 Million – Up 266%

Alex Williams | November 15th

The 451 Group is releasing a report that says Apache Hadoop and NoSQL funding is more than $350 million. Funding has shot through the roof in the past few months with funding for Hadoop...»