Where’s the Mobile App Market Headed?

Maria Deutscher | May 4th

At the AppNation conference in San Francisco this week, research firm Nielsen’s Jonathan Carson, CEO, Telecom unveiled some fresh research on the U.S. mobile apps market. The study strengthens Android and


Black Clouds Over The Cloud? EMC’s RSA Unit Addresses The Issues

Michael Trager | May 3rd

Are there black clouds brewing over the hot cloud computing industry? Some seem to think so. Security and outage fears continue to hover as the black clouds over cloud computing, rendering some people...»

Oracle BI Aims for iPad, Mobile Enterprise

Maria Deutscher | May 3rd

Today Oracle released the latest version of its Business Intelligence software. Business Intelligence Release comes with full iPad and iPhone support, and eliminates the need to rewrite existing dashboards and reports,


Online Video Ads are Here to Stay. Deal With It.

Cherr Aira | May 3rd

You are living under the rock if a. you haven’t seen any of those online ads waving at you from the right side while you are updating your status in Facebook, b. you haven’t visited...»

Hometown Layoffs After Novell Deal Finalizes

Maria Deutscher | May 3rd

The Attachmate Group finalized its $2.2 billion buyout of network industry pioneer Novell a few days ago. The latter will be separated into two separate business units, one focused on the Novell brand


Data Loss from PlayStation Network Extended to Sony Online Entertainment

Kyt Dotson | May 3rd

Sony Online Entertainment went temporarily offline Monday after it was discovered that they also lost customer records in a hack that attacked the PlayStation Network. In this latest string of video game and entertainment related information loss,...»

Big Data’s Biggest Issue: Privacy

Cherr Aira | May 3rd

With the immense potential of Big Data comes a bigger issue—privacy. Richard Snee has immense vision on big data,with notable regard to key players like Hadoop and Greenplum.  With privacy issues heightening in...»

More Details Regarding the Windows Store Coming in Windows 8

Steven Hodson | May 3rd

Thanks to some digging by the team over at Windows8italia we have some interesting details about the proposed Windows Store that we could see when Windows 8 ships. Here are the details they have discovered...»

Innovation Journalism: Why Silicon Valley Startups Deserve a Level Playing Field

Tom Foremski | May 3rd

Media coverage is very important for startups. It is how they gain respect in their community, it is how they can win investors, and it is invaluable in helping to recruit staff. Positive media coverage...»

Android WiFi Takes Blows in Tracking Class-Action Lawsuit and Tether-Wars

Kyt Dotson | May 3rd

A class-action lawsuit has finally emerged from complaints against Google Android over handsets tracking customer locations. This seemed only inevitable after Apple found itself on the receiving end of its own lawsuit involving