Google’s Strategy to Boost its G+ Social Network Risks Harming Quality of Search

Tom Foremski | January 18th

Last week Google introduced search results heavily influenced by relevant signals from people's social circles and promoting G+ content in its search results. The move is an attempt to boost its nascent G+ social network, which has had...»

Cisco’s New Integrated Smart Grid Platform

Maria Deutscher | January 18th

Networking giant Cisco and energy management solutions maker Itron announced a jointly developed smart grid architecture that fuses together technologies from both companies. The solution is comprised of the Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Router and...»

Amazon Challenges Its Open Source Progeny with Hosted DynamoDB Service

Klint Finley | January 18th

In 2007, published a paper on its distributed datastore Dynamo, which the company uses to power its e-commerce site. The paper inspired several open source NoSQL projects, including Apache Cassandra, BigCouch (...»

Israel vs. Saudi Arabia Hacks Heating Up as Israeli Hackers Respond In Kind

Kyt Dotson | January 18th

Monday, we reported that Saudi Arabian hackers—one under the handle of ox0mar and with the group named Group-xp—hit Israeli financial sector websites and an airline carrier causing both considerable lag but did not take them offline....»

Tablet Adoption at Work: Infographic

Kristina Farrah | January 18th

Reminiscing the times when the iPad was nearing its launch, pundits and geeks alike have been making countless speculations of the fate of Apple's new device -- some positive, some otherwise. But all


Android Usurped by Apple in Q4, RIM Drowns in Sales and Security Leaks

Maria Pila | January 18th

Android continues to rule the roost in the smartphone segment, in terms of sheer numbers at least, but Apple’s iPhone 4S launch bucked the overall trend in Q4 2011 with huge demand almost outweighing new Android sales. The...»

Web, Mobile Leaders Join SOPA Protest: A Blacked Out Web

Saroj Kar | January 18th

Google has joined the protest movement against the U.S. bill seeking to combat piracy in the network (known as SOPA and PIPA) because they serve to censor the Internet and that will not stop illegal...»

Is Yahoo Relieved by Yang’s Exit?

Kristina Farrah | January 18th

Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang has always championed the company’s independency to the point of being an obstructionist. Now that he has resigned from his position as an officer and director of the company


Social Startup Echo Hires Two Key Execs

Maria Deutscher | January 18th

Echo hired Ron Bouganim and Kristin Hersant to fill two management positions, as the start-up seeks to strengthen its internal structure. Echo provides real-time solutions to consumer-facing brands.  That consists social integration for the most...»

Why So Many DevOps Tools Are Written in Node.js

Klint Finley | January 17th

If you've been following the growth of either DevOps or Node.js you may have noticed the number of deployment, monitoring and automation tools being created in Node.js. One of the most recent example is Dreadnot, a...»