Ultrabooks are a Rising Trend, but Where’s Consumer Interest?

Saroj Kar | January 13th

If 2011 was the year of smartphones, driven by iPhone and new Android devices, and tablets, which have revolutionized the market, 2012 will be the “years of the Ultrabooks.” In addition to the smartphone market,...»

See the Future through Big Data

Kristina Farrah | January 13th

There’s no way anyone can tell what will happen in the future. With a blend of diligence and luck, it’s not too farfetched to predict the future with accuracy by leveraging big data


Compellent Co-Founder Phil Soran is Leaving Dell

Maria Deutscher | January 12th

CEO Phil Soran, co-founder and CEO of storage company Compellent, said in a keynote during the London-based Dell Storage Forum that he will be stepping down from his position on March 31. Soran...»

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop is Talking about Community? Oh Man, Get This Guy to Monki Gras!

Alex Williams | January 12th

At CES this week, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said this about the new Lumia smartphone:

 "We believe the industry has shifted form a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems. Across our portfolio Lumia

2012Watch: Jeff Bezos is Looking Cooler, and Amazon is Getting Hotter

Tom Foremski | January 12th

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff Bezos a few years ago (right, with Matt Greeley CEO of BrightIdea) and I was very impressed. It was a casual conversation but surprisingly striking in many

PC Sales Slip Spares Apple, HP and Dell Diversify

Isha Suri | January 12th

With the evolution of mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, the demand for personal computers has been shrinking the past few years. But it seems that last year heart breaking, as 2011 is considered the second...»

The Hacker Food Chain: From Script Kiddies to Black Ops

Maria Deutscher | January 12th

Cyber threats are rapidly turning into a bigger and bigger issue as individuals and entities with malicious intents seek to exploit the even faster growing dependency of modern society on tech. Such incidents also make for very engaging...»

An Inside Look at Intel’s Social Media Tracking Technology in Action

Tom Foremski | January 12th

Above, is a demonstration of how Intel, the world's largest chip maker, uses a...»

New Mediia Minute: CES 2012 Outlook Connected TVs on Pace for Big Year

Art Lindsey III | January 12th

The annual Consumer Electronics show has kicked off this week in Las Vegas, with gadgets and TV galore. CE makers from Samsung to LG are rolling out new connected TV partnerships, as these smart sets accounted for 52 million sets sold...»

Dell Debuts New Backup, Storage Offerings

Maria Deutscher | January 12th

Hardware maker Dell announced two new storage products: a disk-based deduplication appliance that’s the first of its kind offered by the company, and version 6.0 of Compellent Storage Center. The  DR4000  backup appliance used...»