Apple’s Big Event is Oct 4: All Eyes on Tim Cook

Mellisa Tolentino | September 21st

Since Apple launched the iPhone 4 back in 2010, rumors for the next iPhone launch have floated around, accompanied by concept designs for the upcoming iPhone.  Everyone’s dying to find out what the new...»

Facebook, Google+ Rivalry Sparks Back Up as f8 Nears

Mellisa Tolentino | September 21st

Yesterday, I barely opened my Facebook account because it took 10 years just to go through my home page.  So imagine my surprise when I saw it this morning.  It looks different – again!  It...»

Sony Connecting Ordinary TV to the World

Phoebe Mandap | September 21st

The list of devices that are connected to the internet continues to multiply.  Each day, new developments are being discovered, getting consumers more excited as they embrace connected devices and technology.   The connected world...»

Formula for Physical Fitness: Smartphone + Cloud

Cherr Aira | September 21st

Diets always start tomorrow, right? Guilty? I am. With a busy schedule, going to the gym is a luxury.  Greens alone will not supply enough energy I need for my on-the-go lifestyle. Cleansing diets endorsed...»

A Take on Commerce 2.0

Alex Williams | September 21st

I decided to shoot a video, my commentary about what I learned yesterday at the IBM Global Summit. If it's too much to bear, let me know. This is an experiment and any criticism, harsh...»

Twitter’s Open Source Storm Finally Hits

Klint Finley | September 20th

As promised,Twitter open sourced its big data streaming solution Storm (part of its acquisition of BackType) at the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis this week. BackType has been promising Storm for some time...»

Cisco Adds Windows 8 Support, Strengthens Restructuring Plan

Maria Deutscher | September 20th

Cisco and Microsoft formed a partnership meant to attach Windows Server 8 Hyper-V users to the former’s virtual switching technology.  Previously, customers had to use a Microsoft virtual switch to connect to Cisco’s hardware,...»

Food Search Engine GrubHub Raises $50M, Buys Dotmenu

Saroj Kar | September 20th

Chicago-based startup GrubHub, the web and mobile search engine service that offers online ordering for delivery and pick up, has raised another $50 million in a Series E funding round. The company, which ...»

An IBM Version of Cloud-Based E-Commerce

Alex Williams | September 20th

Simplifying the complex tangle of interconnected systems is a refrain we hear often when enterprise IT is the topic at vendor events such as this week's IBM Smarter Commerce event. The issue is one about the...»

SAP Acquires Crossgate, Ends Court Battle with Oracle?

Maria Deutscher | September 20th

SAP had a few interesting developments today.  First of all, it acquired Crossgate for an undisclosed amount, a company that offers hosted business-to-business integration services.  This means Crossgate customers can integrate their networks with partners...»