This Week in Cloud: OpenStack, Amazon Seize the Day

Maria Deutscher | November 12th

Alongside the announcements coming out of Hadoop World 2011, this past week features several updates from the cloud industry as well. The first highlight is an update from OpenStack. Rackspace will be handing over control of...»

Strive for Tight Integration Between Hadoop, Complimentary Big Data Approaches

Jeffrey Kelly | November 11th

There was a ton of great content at Hadoop World 2011 this week, but one point that struck me was the number of vendors present that were not, strictly speaking, part of the core Hadoop ecosystem. They included...»

Cloud/Mobile Strategy 5: Security in the Cloud

Bert Latamore | November 11th

Security is always a major concern when discussing public cloud services. CIOs and often senior management as well feel safer keeping control over vital company data rather than trusting it to a third party out...»

A Hadoop Treasure Chest of All You Can Eat Big Data Goodness Courtesy of theCube

Alex Williams | November 11th

I am flying back from New York after spending two days at HadoopWorld. On the theCube, we did two days of video coverage, interviewing leaders in the community and discussing the event's hot topics. ...»

The Flourishing Non-Google Android Market

Mellisa Tolentino | November 11th

A recent report from mobile analytics firm Flurry indicates that before 2011 ends, over 25 billion iOS and Android apps will be downloaded.  And app downloads will double by 2012. Until this year, the US generated the bulk...»

ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick Launches Stealth Social Media Startup Plexus Engine

Klint Finley | November 11th

This morning ReadWriteWeb Vice President of Content Development Marshall Kirkpatrick announced that he is stepping back from full-time involvement at the popular tech blog and launching a new startup called Plexus Engine, which will help...»

High Demand For Real-Time Video Driven By Consumer Demand

Mellisa Tolentino | November 11th

For every event happening nowadays, you can almost always find a live video feed of that event.  Most are free but some you have to pay for.  If you’re asking: ‘What’s the big deal with...»

Microsoft Xbox 360 “Madrid” Beta Dashboard Update Rolls Out

Kyt Dotson | November 11th

Thursday, Microsoft announced that it will begin to push out a beta preview of it’s new Xbox 360 code-name “Madrid” dashboard. The beta preview will give a select-few beta testers access to the new dashboard so that they can...»

Siri Gets a Face; Jon Briggs, the Voice of Siri Breaks the Silence

Saroj Kar | November 11th

The man behind the male voice on the iPhone 4S Siri system in Britain has revealed himself. The man happens to be Jon Briggs, a former technology specialist. After the launch of the iPhone 4S, Jon Briggs noticed...»

Veterans Day Gets Techie: Job Opportunities, e-Book Donations

Mellisa Tolentino | November 11th

So what do you really think about this: 11-11-11?  If you’re into numerology or Feng shui, this date could signify a lucky day.  If you’re one of those people who are waiting for the end...»