VMworld Kicks Off with New Products, Support from Dell, EMC and Juniper

Kristen Nicole | August 29th

VMworld 2011 kicks off today, and it will be a pretty important event for the virtualization company.  Coming off a major server release earlier this year, VMware faced a bit of backlash after its price...»

Samsung Launches ChatON, LTE Phones and New Galaxy Tab 7.7

Mellisa Tolentino | August 29th

Though Samsung is continuously getting battered by Apple, ongoing lawsuits are not stopping the Korean company to deliver new products and services. In another attempt to attract more customers, Samsung intends to launch a messaging...»

VMware’s Big Push for the Hybrid Cloud and the Battle for the Platform

Alex Williams | August 29th

The hybrid cloud is a major theme at VMworld this year and with it we are seeing the emergence of the platform as a key battle ground for VMware as it seeks to...»

Cloud’s Week in Review: From Open-source Storage to Intel Research

Maria Deutscher | August 28th

There’s been some buzz around quite a bit of cloud industries throughout the week, following some big announcements including product updates, acquisitions and more. The first one to take the spotlights is Gluster, developer of...»

Thomson Reuters and other Top Tablet Apps for Business Users

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

This week too we’ve rounded up five of the most widely used tablet business apps out there. This category is a growing one, and more and more developers are following the trend.  As the social...»

What a Jobs-less Apple Can Learn from Bill Gates

Cherr Aira | August 27th

Steve Jobs built the Apple empire from ground up. And as he leaves, a very significant chapter of a globally-recognized company will close.  In every goodbye, letting go and moving on are crucial.  Apple...»

5 Social Collaboration Companies Likely to Follow Jive to an IPO

Klint Finley | August 26th

This week Jive Software took steps towards launching an IPO by filing an S1. Many have focused on the company's lack of profitability and deep losses (see Dennis Howlett's coverage for a particularly harsh take...»

The Disruptive Nature of NAND Flash Storage Explained

Bert Latamore | August 26th

Flash storage, on everything from large, high speed servers to laptops, is a major technology disrupter that will replace high-speed SAS disk systems on servers and disk drives in laptops and desktop PCs. It is...»

TMZ Shoots a Sickly Steve Jobs, Stoops Too Low for Words

Kristen Nicole | August 26th

There’s a photo floating around of Steve Jobs looking rather ill.  It was posted by none other than TMZ, less than 48 hours after Jobs announced his resignation from Apple as CEO.  It’s for...»