Spain Unwraps HP-Fueled Anticompetitive Inquiry against Oracle

Saroj Kar | August 3rd

Fueled by HP, the Spanish National Competition Authority (CNC) has started looking into possible anticompetitive practices by Oracle from its decision to stop supporting the Itanium platform.  Subsequently, the CNC has opened an investigation into...»

EU Antitrust Complaints Against IBM Dropped By 3 Firms

Maria Deutscher | August 3rd

Big Blue’s monopoly in the mainframe market has been subject to some scrutiny from the EU lately, mainly after three smaller firms trying to compete in this market filled antitrust complaints against IBM.  TurboHercules , a...»

Microsoft Detours From Android’s Fate, Limits Location Tracking

Cherr Aira | August 3rd

Learn from other’s mistakes—this is currently Microsoft’s mantra, at least for their mobile location and data tracking strategy. By adjusting their geographical positioning services, Microsoft vows to their customers that Windows-based devices will now...»

A Banking Cloud for 100 Million Customers – 1.7 Billion Mobile Phone Users Can’t Be Wrong

Alex Williams | August 3rd

A cloud service for the banking world is launching with the capability to serve 100 million customers in emerging and established markets. The service from Polaris Software Labs will allow the Chennai-based  financial technology company...»

Google Voice Now Available On 38 Languages Outside U.S

Maria Pila | August 3rd

Google Voice is going global, in a round-about way.  Google confirms that if you’re outside the USA and you set your language to US English in Gmail, this feature may become available to you. Google voice, the...»

Facebook Facial Recognition Violates Law, Says German Officials

Saroj Kar | August 3rd

German officials have said Facebook's new facial recognition software is illegal and want its use halted. The German government said the features Facebook uses violate European and German data protection law and all the related data derived from...»

EMC Rolls Out RSA Security Update, Acquires Stake in Asankya

Maria Deutscher | August 3rd

Storage giant EMC had a couple of updates today, first and foremost an announcement coming from the Black Hat cybersecuirty conference. The company introduced NetWitness Panorama as well as several significant updates to its RSA...»

Cloud Computing Not Always Cheaper: Zynga Case Study

Bert Latamore | August 3rd

Consultant David Cahill has published a ground-breaking case history of online game developer Zynga, famous for such games as “Farmville”, with a focus on how it handles the huge volumes of valuable data it...»

HBO, Time Warner See Promise in Connected Devices

Kristina Farrah | August 3rd

HBO Go has been doing a great job so far, drawing in more viewers to the cable network and helping the movie service to take home great company earnings.  HBO Go is undoubtedly one of...»