MySpace’s Tom Anderson Comments on G+

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | July 5th

The days when Tom Anderson, the iconic first friend on everyone’s MySpace account, was active on his own service have long past. Most of Tom’s old co-workers have headed over to Facebook, but Tom himself seems to...»

Startup Launch: MyTab Offers Simple Group Travel Gifting

Tom Foremski | July 5th

I've been consulting with Heddi Cundle and her new startup MyTab, which offers a very simple way friends and family can help fund travel for each other. MyTab takes the pain away from finding birthday, graduation, or...»

Greek Debt Crisis: New Listing: The Greek Islands – Who Will Buy?

Andy Kessler | July 5th

How much for the island of Mykonos? The Mexican standoff between European banks owning Greek debt and Greek taxpayers needs fresh thinking. I'm convinced that the only way out of Europe's financial crisis is for Germany to...»

Mobile Industry Must Design Around Security, Too

Kristina Farrah | July 5th

For a company to threaten the existence of PCs with unprecedentedly high consumer appeal in the mobile devices market, Apple's battling two industries with a pretty short lineup.  With only three products in its portfolio,...»

Facebook Blocks Chrome Extension for Exporting Friends to Google+

Kyt Dotson | July 5th

In what is going to certainly be the next level in the fight between Facebook and Google over data portability and reciprocity, a Facebook has blocked the functioning of a Chrome browser extension that became...»

Safeguarding the Cloud: Where Does Mobile Go From Here?

Cherr Aira | July 5th

With hackers at large, nothing seems to be safe… Not in the cloud, nor the mobile space. At least, this is what the current state suggests, especially when we talk of a cloud where everything...»

HP TouchPad Under the Hood: Plans for an Improved Version

Maria Deutscher | July 5th

Now that Hewlett-Packard released its webOS-powered TouchPad tablet, research firm IHS iSuppli broke down the device to individual components to put on estimate on what kind of margins HP will be making of the...»

Security Issues in the Mobile Age: An Expert’s Take

Bert Latamore | July 5th

The proliferation of mobile devices from laptops to smartphones and tablets, has changed the basic profile of digital security threats facing organizations of all sizes. Whereas at one time the focus was on end-point or...»

Sabu of LulzSec Speaks with NewScientist Reporter

Kyt Dotson | July 4th

It looks like one of the hackers tied to the hacker group LulzSec has spoken with a journalist at NewScientist. In his short exchange he paints a picture of being involved in these hactivist movements due...»