Copyright Alerts: The Solution To End Piracy?

Mellisa Tolentino | July 8th

Software, movies, music, applications, games… You name it, and you can find it on the web, oftentimes for free.  You’d think that in this day and age, big companies earn gazillions of dollars with...»

IPv6 Gets Complicated as Two Internets Emerge

Maria Deutscher | July 8th

World IPv6 Day, a test spanning 24 hours through which over 400 major web companies severed content via IPv6, was held exactly one month ago. It was lead by Yahoo, Google, VMware and other major...»

Cybersecurity Scholar Warns How Private E-mail in the Cloud Isn’t So Private After All

Kyt Dotson | July 8th

If you watch way too much Law & Order, CSI:, and other crime shows on TV like I do you’ve already encountered numerous story lines that hinge on investigators getting their hands on a person’s private e-mail...»

QLogic: Soon to Announce Q1 Fiscal Year 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | July 8th

Over the past few months, QLogic has been on a roll.  Though the company is mostly known for fibre and infrastructure, they turned heads when they came up with the convergence of cloud computing...»

LulzSec Legacy: Hackers Released 17k E-mails and Passwords

Mellisa Tolentino | July 8th

Almost 17,000 e-mails and passwords were released by the Connexion Hack Team, which they stated to have acquired randomly.  The group did not release information indicating from which sites they obtained their list.

Dear Internetz, We are the Connexion Hack Team.

Amazon Invests in Big Data Startup, ParAccel Pushes On

Robert Manto | July 8th

ParAccel Inc., one of the emerging companies in big data analysis, announced the closure of its Series E funding round with Amazon joining in with other ParAccel investors – Menlo Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures,...»

Stolen iPad Found in Pants of TSA Agent. Passengers Enraged!

Ross LaRocco | July 8th

The TSA is readily known for groping and fondling one's personal "assets" as a procedure for travel security.  As uncomfortable as this topic is,  it reveals the things you try to hide.  What does it...»

Virtualization Grows with Virtustream Funding: Product Launches and New Investments

Robert Manto | July 8th

Coming off a partnership with VMware, virtualization startup Virtustream recently announced an additional investment of $10 million of Series B round financing to enhance its virtualization offerings. The company’s Series B funding comes...»

Data Warehouse Vendors Differ in Hadoop Integration

Jeffrey Kelly | July 8th

Big Data is the future, a fact both EMC Greenplum and HP Vertica recognize. But the two data warehouse vendors are taking very different approaches to Hadoop, the open source Big Data processing framework. With the...»

This Week in the Cloud: Big Data, Consumer Computing and Privacy

Maria Deutscher | July 8th

As always, this past week has been packed with significant developments from several companies looking to monetize all the demand surrounding the cloud. Amazon Web Services is currently one of the largest players in this...»