Operation Cyber Rat – Worst Ever Attacks Another Sign of Anemic and Outdated Infrastructure

Alex Williams | August 3rd

The worst online attack in history is being uncovered and what we are learning is startling.  In all, there is evidence of 72 networks being infiltrated, including the United Nations, 14 governments and major defense...»

Big Data-Driven Enterprise Solution Takes Big Step towards App Success

Saroj Kar | August 2nd

Connected devices and expanded cloud storage have empowered the compounding creation of data faster than ever before.  The substantial explosion of data and information from smart devices, social networks, and all other solutions connected to...»

A Big Data Solutions Provider Gets Another Big Round of Funding

Alex Williams | August 2nd

Appistry, a cloud solutions provider out of St. Louis, has closed a Series D $12 million round of funding. Appistry is best known for CloudIQ, its open platform designed for customers to create high-performance...»

Zenprise Hires New ‘VP of Customer Success’

Maria Deutscher | August 2nd

Zenprise, a provider of mobile device management software and services, announced its latest major hire today.  The firm named Chris Doell as its vice president of customer success, a newly created role that will put...»

SaaS Gains Enterprise Help Desk with Zendesk Update

Maria Deutscher | August 2nd

Zendesk today announced that its popular help desk offering, which is used by Sony and Twitter among others, will become more worthwhile for large organizations with an enterprise plan scaled up for the company’s...»

New Layar Technology Recognize Real World Objects

Maria Pila | August 2nd

Shortly after Qualcomm releases its AR SDK kit for iOS, Layar, the open platform for mobile augmented reality (AR), unleashes Layar Vision. Layar Vision enables the mobile phone to recognize real world objects, and...»

Facebook Denies Digital Publishing Plans with Latest Acquisition

Kristina Farrah | August 2nd

Facebook’s latest buyout is Push Pop Press, the digital book publisher behind Al Gore’s popular interactive app ‘Our Choice’ launched earlier this year. Does this mean Facebook intends to take its stake in the digital...»

Google Caught in the Web of Lawsuits, Faces 9 More from the EU

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

Google is a lemon being squeezed to the last drop, with all the lawsuits they are being slapped with this year.  But perhaps the biggest and toughest challenge has yet to come.  Today, the EU...»

Android Gains in Asia-Pacific as Apple Struggles in Emerging Markets

Val Galin | August 2nd

Looks like it will take more than a lawsuit and a patent court case to slow down the Android platform's global growth. On Monday, research firm Canalys reported that Google's mobile platform has...»

Amazon launching Groupon Competitor, Amazon Local

Saroj Kar | August 2nd

The potentially profitable daily deals market now mostly controlled by Groupon will witness a giant in e-commerce market entering into the same space, and the giant is none-other than Amazon. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Amazon...»