Hitachi Grows HP Storage Ecosystem with Latest Launch

Maria Deutscher | September 20th

Japanese hardware maker Hitachi announced that 3PAR F-Class, T-Class and P10000 V-Class systems will ship with its 3.5-inch Fibre Channel Ultrastar SLC-based solid  state drives in them. The Ultrastar SSD400S SSD line-up is specially designed for OEMs,...»

From Cave Paintings to Microblogging – the Meandering Path of Communications Through the Ages [Infographic]

Alex Williams | September 19th

To commemorate its Confluence 4.0 release, Atlassian posted a fun infographic today that explores communication through the ages. I love the intro, explaining the difficulties of sending messages even with the aid of animals...»

ScaleMP Takes Its Virtual HPC Solution to the Next Level with AMD Support

Klint Finley | September 19th

ScaleMP will today announce a partnership with AMD. Previously ScaleMP has supported only Intel based architectures, but ScaleMP's virtualization solution will soon run on AMD architecture. The new version of the software will be available through...»

The Difficulty in Adding Social Features to Already Established Applictations

Alex Williams | September 19th

Atlassian announced Confluence 4.0 today and with it officially recognized the "@" symbol for notifications in its collaborative service. That may not be the most significant new feature for the Atlassian product but...»

Appcelerator’s Extension Marketplace: A Shop for Mobile Developers

Kristen Nicole | September 19th

Appcelerator, the mobile cloud platform for developing native mobile, desktop, and tablet applications using web technologies, is launching its own marketplace, harping on a trend that's booming in certain sectors, but lacking for...»

Motorola, Extreme Networks Help Power “Free WiFi” at Hotels

Cherr Aira | September 19th

Hotels without WiFi are no-nos for planning business travels. Having a wireless internet connection symbolizes a modernized academe. The idea of having a WiFi property now makes it more appealing to the rest of the...»

Opera Bets on Browser-App Store Combo

Maria Deutscher | September 19th

Browser maker Opera Software, not to be confused with big data firm Opera Solutions that raised $84 million last week, is venturing deeper into mobile. It’s been doing that by not only offering mobile versions...»

For Data Center Expansion, Twitter Heads East

Saroj Kar | September 19th

No doubt cloud-computing is one aspect of cutting down the overall cost of the IT infrastructure, and on other side there is a shift going on the data centers front as they are transforming the scalability and efficiency...»

FBI Continues to Investigate Anonymous High-Profile Celebrity Hacks

Kristina Farrah | September 19th

Anonymous has kept FBI's Los Angeles office busy investigating its somewhat erratic targeting of eminent figures. FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller spilled to CNET that there are already dozens of victims so far. The Bureau has been at this...»

Japanese Defense Contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Shakes Virus Infection

Kyt Dotson | September 19th

The United States defense contractor community aren’t the only ones suffering under the yolk of cyberattacks—as seen now that Mitsubishi Heavy, Japan’s largest defense contractor, has discovered a multitude of their computers infected with viruses. Mitsubishi Heavy builds...»