Google Set to Purchase Hulu. Free Movies, TV, and Less Data Usage.

Ross LaRocco | July 1st

There's another whisper in the wind.  Google is rolling it's eyes toward Hulu.  Potentially, could be a full blown replacement for YouTube.  It's crazy talk,  but YouTube has movies and so does Hulu.  It could...»

Anonymous RIM Executive Asks CEOs to Cede Position

Kristina Farrah | July 1st

Apparently RIM has to make significant strategy alterations in order to keep BlackBerry on top of the smartphone market, but what happens if one of its top-level executives loses confidence in the very company he...»

Zynga IPO Filing Lists for $1 Billion

Kyt Dotson | July 1st

It looks like the expected Zynga IPO has appeared on the books in the form of an S-1 filing with the SEC. The filing is still subject to change (and incomplete as it contains a...»

Twitter Hits 200M Tweets per Day – Obama Jumps on Bandwagon

Mellisa Tolentino | July 1st

Twitter has been hit left and right, from the news of their loss of their co-founder to the FTC investigating them.  Isaac “Biz” Stone, co-founder of the microblogging site, recently announced  that he’s leaving the...»

CSC: Similarities to Amazon Web Services, Different than Accenture

Alex Williams | July 1st

CSC is one of the world’s largest solutions providers serving the enterprise. These days it works with customers that are affected by massive data influx, app backlogs and the challenge in being

Big Data is More Than Just Managing After All

Cherr Aira | July 1st

While the big focus on big data is always the “managing” part, organizations should now start revisiting their strategies on how they farm within their data-rich landscape. Looking into other essential dimensions of the...»

NetApp CEO Downplays HP and Dell in Storage Market

Robert Manto | July 1st

In a meeting with analysts, NetApp CEO Tom Georgens said that server providers like Hewlett-Packard and IBM are “losing ground” in the storage market to companies that primarily focus on that sector. He added...»

Oracle Calls Out HP in Court? More Like Calling the Kettle Black.

Maria Pila | July 1st

After Oracle Corporation’s acquisition of Pillar Data Systems, the company is now facing battles against Hewlett-Packard lawsuits, attacking the software company’s move to stop supporting the Intel’s Itanium processors as a “publicity stunt.”  Court...»

Hadoop Summit Recap: Yahoo, Cloudera and Everything in Between

Maria Deutscher | July 1st

Hadoop Summit 2011 was held this week, and featured some pretty major developments, including what analyst Alex Williams dubbed Yahoo’s smartest play in years. Yahoo’s Hadoop division separated from the company to form a new startup,...»

Twitter in Flames? Under Federal Investigation.

Ross LaRocco | July 1st

Reports around the web are buzzing around Twitter's methodology during the time of purchasing TweetDeck.  They made it first, and asked questions later; but did they step into the line of fire? If so, it's...»