Oracle Purchases Collective Intelligence, Pushes Against

Matt Weinberger | June 5th

Oracle is keeping the acquisition train rolling with the purchase of Collective Intelligence, a social analytics firm that provides similar cloud-based services to Radian6, which purchased last year. And if you think that's...»

IBM Acquisitions Deliver Storage for the Rest of Us

Sean Martin | June 5th

The Edge conference in Orlando, FL is IBM’s opportunity to show off its wide range of storage solutions to the world. While IBM is typically known for its large enterprise offerings, some of its acquisitions...»

AT&T Accepting Galaxy S III Preorders Tomorrow

Mellisa Tolentino | June 5th

Today’s mobile news roundup features the following: US carriers now accepting preorders for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, PlayStation gets deeper into mobile with HTC partnership while Apple waits for the Samsung injunction. Samsung Galaxy SIII preorders...»

Oracle Comes Up Short in Detailed Comparison of Exadata vs. Best-of-Breed

Bert Latamore | June 4th

Wikibon Co-Founder and CTO David Floyer is definitely not on Larry Ellison's Christmas card list this year. Not satisfied with his original exposition of the limited value of Oraclea week ago, Floyer has co-published a detailed, item-by-item...»

IBM Smarter Computing Upgrades Aimed at Big Data

Maria Deutscher | June 4th

So far the biggest update that that came out of the IBM Edge conference is that Big Blue has rolled out several major enhancements to the offerings in its Smart Computing portfolio, with an...»

Veeam Boosts Freemium Approach with Free Backup

Maria Deutscher | June 4th

Veeam doesn’t have any objections to creating a community of free users in exchange for a lengthy list of paying customers. Today the backup software rolled out new features to the commercial edition of...»

The Future for IBM Storage is All About Leveraging Flash

Kristen Nicole | June 4th

With its debut this week, the IBM Edge conference in Orlando, FL is Big Blue’s opportunity to trumpet its storage offerings in an increasingly competitive market.  With EMC’s acquisition of Xtreme-IO rounding out the storage...»

PayAnywhere Adds Two Android SDKs

Maria Deutscher | June 4th

PayAnywhere makes software that enables mobile commerce, and stretches the definition to cash drawers and printers as well.  Previously the company only provided software development kits for iOS, but that’s no longer the case...»

Google Relies on Social + Local Search in Latest Ad Push

Saroj Kar | June 4th

There are two sectors search and advertising have yet to dominate: social and local.  But recent rumors indicate that Google's hoping to kill two birds with one stone, beating Facebook to the punch by leveraging...»

Can IBM Get Back their Storage Mojo? Truskowski Tells All [Video]

Bert Latamore | June 4th

IBM takes a unified approach to storage, servers, software, and service, IBM General Manager for Storage and Networking Brian Truskowski said in an interview in the SiliconAngle Cube at IBM's first formal storage conference,...»