AI On the Rise: Driverless Car, Gogobot Apps, and Advertising

Cherr Aira | May 14th

As machines get sophisticated, the less they require human supervision or intervention. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), various functions are now being performed by computers, functions that used to be accomplished by a live person. This could pose...»

Online Threat Growing Rapidly, Can Destroy Companies, says FBI Cyber Security Head

Bert Latamore | May 14th

Physical threats to the nation's infrastructure and other sensitive assets aren't the only ones to keep an eye on. “Critical threats facing our nation today emanate from the cyber realm,” said Shawn Henry, then Executive Assistant...»

#theCUBE 2012 Summer Tour Part One

D. Edmond | May 14th

SiliconANGLE is proud to present live HD video coverage from some of the biggest technology events. As we enter the busy season for conferences, is your exclusive source for in-depth interviews and real-time analysis...»

Bitcoinica Suffers Staggering $87,000 Bitcoin Loss in Server Breach

Kyt Dotson | May 14th

At approximately 1:00pm GMT last Friday, the Bitcoin exchange Bitcoinica suffered a server compromise that led to the theft of their bitcoin wallet and ended in the loss of ฿18,547 BTC—a value calculated at the current market rate...»

Thompson Resigns as Yahoo CEO Due to Cancer

Mellisa Tolentino | May 14th

Yahoo! Inc. offered another big surprise over the weekend: they lost another CEO. Scott Thompson officially became Yahoo’s CEO in January after Carol Bartz was fired from the company in 2011.  But over the...»

An Update for Flipboard on Android

Mellisa Tolentino | May 14th

News comes to people in various forms.  We get it from watching news on TV or reading newspapers or magazines or even on the web, but for some, their most reliable source of news is...»

Your SAP HANA Cheat Sheet: Milestones, Terms and More

Mellisa Tolentino | May 14th

SAP Sapphire Now 2012 officially kicks off today, and we expect a few product reveals and HANA-related updates to be unveiled during the conference.  We'll have live event coverage, analysis and executive interviews throughout...»

How a Baseball Hall of Famer Hits a Home Run in the Cloud [Q&A Series]

Kristen Nicole | May 14th

Being inducted into an athletic hall of fame is no easy feat, but SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos managed to do it.  An avid baseball infielder at the University of San Francisco, Lounibos is now honored with a name...»

Apple Drops 4G iPad Label in Australian, UK Markets

Mellisa Tolentino | May 14th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple dropping 4G ad in Australia, Nokia stepping up on patent claims, and an early look at the HTC Desire C. Apple gives in to Australian demands The Australian Competition and Consumer...»

Three Years of Kickstarter: A Rewarding History

Mellisa Tolentino | May 14th

Kickstarter, the crowd-funding platform celebrated, their third birthday last April and to commemorate the event, the company traced their roots to show everyone how it all got started. When they launched, Kickstarter was spelled without...»