Video Chat is Key to Cloud Collab Strategies for Cisco, LG

Saroj Kar | January 31st

Cisco is in the process of integrating its various collaboration products and their interfaces into a uniform and consistent design.  The goal here is to facilitate teamwork among employees. The project, internally known as Futurama,...»

Node.js: Unprecedented Growth Distorts True Acceptance

Alex Williams | January 31st

On theCube at NodeSummit, RedMonk Co-Founder Stephen O'Grady said that Node.js is showing incredibly fast adoption, almost without precedent. Most frameworks and programming languages take years to reach the trough of disillusionment. Node.js has...»

IBM’s Mobile Strategy, Acquisitions Tackle BYOD Security

Maria Deutscher | January 31st

IBM’s Bob Sutor, the head of the WebSphere Foundation within the company’s software unit, blogged his take on two of the company’s most recent product announcements, both impacting IBM's mobile goals for the coming...»

McAfee, SAP Making Android Safer for BYOD Workplaces

Isha Suri | January 31st

McAfee, the computer and mobile security company owned by Intel, has upped the ante on malware.  With the launch of Mobile Security 2.0, McAfee is creating a security measure beyond virus protection. McAfee 2.0 is ...» Now Delivers Anonymizing Proxy for Bitcoin Users

Kyt Dotson | January 31st

German Bitcoin blog, BTC Base, recently interviewed Mika of, an Internet anonymization proxy service that gives users the option to go online and secure their location from prying eyes. It does so via multiple servers...»

Facebook: IPO, Soaring Ad Revenue And Timeline Movie Maker

Mellisa Tolentino | January 31st

Facebook is expected to file for their initial public offering any day now, and it has created so much hype over the social networking giant.  It’s such a big deal that Nasdaq and the...»

Worldwide Mobile Payments for Live Gamer

Kristina Farrah | January 31st

Live Gamer announced this morning that they have integrated PaymentOne into their platform for international mobile payments. Through PaymentOne’s AnyPhone, users will be able to have access to the simplest means of


Samsung Tablet Banned Amidst EU Probe, Oracle-HP Lawsuit Setback

Mellisa Tolentino | January 31st

The European Union is pushing for an anti-trust probe against Samsung Electronics Co. for allegedly abusing  licensing of patents to other mobile-phone manufacturers.

"This is linked to injunctions which have been filed by Samsung against a

After Losing 100k Paying Users, Sky Splits Pay TV from Satellite

Kristina Farrah | January 31st

It’s the age of over-the-top connected TV services, and they’re giving off a perilous aura strong enough for long-standing TV content companies such as BSkyB to engage in a major shift. BSkyB announced


Facebook IPO – A Sign of Yahoo’s Decline

John Casaretto | January 31st

Remember when all a technology company needed was a funny name, a quirky Super Bowl Ad, and suddenly BOOM! and IPO that was worth $$??   As it turned out, these things were not to...»