HuffPost Pollster API Enables Public Access to Polling Data

Isha Suri | July 4th

HuffingtonPost has recently released the HuffPost Pollster API that enables open access to all the polling data on the website. Software developers use this API to access information about public polls and publish the same on the...»

News Analysis: Oracle Ruling Opens Up Monopolistic Practices By Software Vendors

John Furrier | July 4th

Ray Wang at Consellation Research shares his analysis on the Oracle vs UsedSoft. The surprise July 3rd, 2012 judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union for UsedSoft GmbH v Oracle International Corp...»

Predictive Analytics World Conference Cuts the Jargon, Gets Practical

Kathryn Buford | July 4th

Bruno Aziza, former Business Intelligence leader at Microsoft, opened his Predictive Analytics World keynote speech with the classic Saturday Night Live "Bad Idea Jeans" sketch. This feature shows men who, believing they know what...»

To Nobody’s Surprise, After Buying Gaikai Sony Drops OnLive Support

Kyt Dotson | July 4th

It’s the battle of the cloud-streaming gaming services with Gaikai and OnLive staring head-to-head in the marketplace and the exclusive manufacturer effects are coming in. Sony has gotten the jump on the market by buying Gaikai—this came...»

A Requiem for RIM? How Long Will RIM and Blackberry be Around?

John Casaretto | July 4th

As Johnny Ringo said in Tombstone – “Smell that Bill?  Smells like someone died.”  It sure is looking that way for RIM, the once dominant and undisputed smartphone market giant.  With an enormous business user base, RIM failed...»

Boys Taking Over Pinterest, Spending More Money than Girls

Mellisa Tolentino | July 4th

A survey done by Compete revolves around how Pinterest is fueling the interest in online shopping.  The data they gathered showed that 25% of the total number of Pinterest users made a purchase because...»

Google Kills Off More Products, Nexus Pulled From Google Play

Mellisa Tolentino | July 4th

Search giant Google Inc. is quite busy today.  After being denied of an injunction stay for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the device was pulled out from Google Play.  The move is in accordance...»

What is Higgs Boson? A Breakthrough in Physics and Science – The Physics Nerd Holy Grail Found

John Furrier | July 4th

In the science and physics world "The Holy Grail" was found today July 4th. The Higgs Boson The science world is a buzz over the discovery from CERN, Europe's main particle-physics lab, of what is called the "missing piece" or element...»

Evolution of Technology, Core Concepts Behind the Cloud: Capgemini Exec Talks Impact

Maria Deutscher | July 4th

Petteri Uljas is the CEO of Capgemini’s Finland office, which is responsible for the company’s operations in Eastern Europe and India. IT services is one of the many segments that the cloud, and the exec...»

European Parliament Rejects ACTA

Mellisa Tolentino | July 4th

The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement in an all-parliamentary vote.  The votes tallied to 478 against, 146 abstentions, and only 39 in favor. ACTA intended to establish an international standards for intellectual...»