VMware COO on State of PaaS, Cloud Foundry and Its Momentum

Maria Deutscher | April 13th

Early SiliconANGLE contributor Robert Scoble stopped by  VMware just in time for the Cloud Foundry’s one year anniversary to talk with Tod Nielsen, the virtualization giant’s chief operating officer. The video was posted on...»

Netflix to Open Source Chaos Monkey and More

Klint Finley | April 13th

Netflix will open source Chaos Monkey and the rest of its Simian Army the company's Director of Cloud Architecture Adrian Cockcroft told Wired Enterprise. In fact, according to Cockcroft, Netflix will release "pretty much...»

Where’s the Data Fit into Social TV Platforms and Ads?

Kristen Nicole | April 13th

While the social element of television is not new, Social TV is a relatively new concept used to describe the emerging generation of television services that integrate with other communication platforms like voice, chat and...»

YouSendIt Seeks to Expand Enterprise Presence with New Partnership

Josette Rigsby | April 13th

Despite all the news and speeches about Web 2.0 and advanced collaboration platforms, there’s a dirty little secret occurring right under the noses of the technical elite – most document collaboration and sharing is occurring...»

Fusion-io Sees Real-Time and Small Analytics as Drivers in 2012

Maria Deutscher | April 13th

2011 was a very successful year for a lengthy list of companies, including flash storage solutions maker Fusion-io. Reflecting on 2011, the company outlined three key areas of disruption related to its industry in a...»

Apple Defends E-book Pricing, Windows 8 Comes to the iPad

Mellisa Tolentino | April 13th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple's fierce defense of e-book pricing, Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader, and Windows 8 on iPad. Apple defends e-book pricing The U.S. government filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc. and...»

Dear Google Apps: Please Don’t Pivot and Prove Microsoft Correct

Matt Weinberger | April 13th

Rumors are starting to surface that Google may be de-emphasizing its Google Apps enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) play for a renewed focus on its core search/advertising business, and a reallocation of resources and expertise towards social...»

Brocade: VSPEX Gives The Channel More Options

Alex Williams | April 13th

Reliability is the prerequisite for advocates of the private cloud (or the modern data center depending on what you want to call it). It's in contrast to the public cloud that views latency as a...»

Avnet: Customers Who Want VSPEX Need Services

Matt Weinberger | April 12th

After today's EMC VSPEX launch event, Avnet VP and GM Scott Look, along with Al Chin, VP of Sales and Marketing for Avnet reseller partner Dasher, sat down with Wikibon founder Dave Vellante in...»

Intel’s Jim Blakley Looks to the Future of Private Cloud and IT Growth

Kyt Dotson | April 12th

Dave Vellante and John Furrier in theCUBE at EMCVSPEX in San Francisco, CA brought in Jim Blakley, Director of Intel Architecture Systems Integration Division, to speak about the trends in IT towards cloud and big data. They asked...»