How the Pentagon Hack May have been a Result of an E-mail Scam

Maria Deutscher | July 18th

Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III admitted in a Cybersecurity keynote last week that hackers managed to steal over 24,000 Pentagon files, most likely from a defense contractor. He did not disclose a...»

Android Device Makers Undeterred by Deluge of Rival Lawsuits

Kristina Farrah | July 18th

Too bad for HTC, as its Android phones lost the initial patent ruling against Apple running since March 2010. The trial was held last Friday by ITC administrative law judge Carl Charneski, and while the...»

Mobile Ad Network InMobi Manufacturing Momentum

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | July 18th

[Disclosure: Millennial Media is a sponsor of the SiliconANGLE network, where I am Editor-In-Chief. Millennial Media did not sponsor this post, nor did they contribute to the information in this post in any way. –mrh] Techcrunch’s Robin Wauters today...»

Dell Could Google+ Hangouts for better Customer Service

Jennefer Almirante | July 18th

Dell, the computer hardware manufacturer and distributor, could soon use Google’s new group video chat platform Google+ Hangouts as an alternative to traditional customer service,...»

LimeWire is in Trouble Again; Indie Labels file Suit

Saroj Kar | July 18th

LimeWire is in news for all the wrong reasons again. International independent record indie music right group, Merlin, has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the ex-P2P service LimeWire last week. Merlin claims LimeWire...»

Third-Party Services Providers To Play Important Role in Hadoop Adoption

Jeffrey Kelly | July 18th

Services is going to play a huge role in the ultimate success (or failure) of wide-spread adoption of Hadoop and related Big Data technologies by “mainstream” enterprises. The question is: Will Big Data services be

High Costs Deter SMBs from Utilizing the Cloud

Mellisa Tolentino | July 18th

Everyone knows that to keep a business running smoothly, be it large or small, you need to keep tab of what’s been happening.  There's expense reports, inventories, sales reports, salary reports, and son on.  And...»

Dolphin Browser Gets $10M to Innovate the Mobile Web

Jennefer Almirante | July 18th

MoboTap, the mobile technology developer behind the Dolphin Browser, has secured $10 million in Series A funding, led by Sequoia Capital, with Matrix Partners also joining the power...»

Spotify Coming to Windows Phone

Steven Hodson | July 18th

For those of you hiding under a rock for the last week or so, the big news was the arrival of Spotify in the US, which of course lead to a massive number of all proclaiming that heaven...»

InMobi Does Not Pulls Exec from Millennial Media, Techcrunch Botches Headline

Saroj Kar | July 18th

Techcrunch ran a story that gives false information about InMobi hiring senior executives from Millennial Media, when in fact he was unemployed and floating from job to job. InMobi, an independent mobile advertising network...»