Compelling Behavior

chrissaad | March 22nd

I’ve been thinking a lot about what compels people to behave a certain way. In business. In personal relationships. In life. I’m certain there are countless books espousing countless metaphors for thinking about the issue. For me it...»

Gartner Names Top 5 Virtualization Trends in 2012

Maria Deutscher | March 22nd

Thomas Bittman, vice president and distinguished analyst at research firm Gartner, wrote up a list of five changes in the virtualization market trending this year. The bottom line is that there’s a lot of...»

Bitcoin May Find a Fulfilling Market in Africa

Kyt Dotson | March 22nd

As Internet technology continues to make deeper inroads into regions that lack infrastructure to support a strong banking system, very quickly virtual currencies can become more successful than banks. One region of the world that reflects this is...»

Mad Men Gadgets for Today’s Sleek Geek

Mellisa Tolentino | March 22nd

AMC’s award-winning series, Mad Men, is back for its fifth season premiering on Sunday, March 25th.  After more than a year of absence, fans are dying to find out what will happen with Don...»

Truce! Microsoft and TiVo Call Off the Lawyers after Two Years

Maria Deutscher | March 22nd

Microsoft and TiVo have announced their mutual agreement to drop patent infringement charges against each other, officially ending a dispute that has begun in 2010. The Wall Street Journal provided some of the background...»

The Anonymous Impact: Hacktivism in 2011 Exceeded Criminal Breaches

Kyt Dotson | March 22nd

While 2011 wasn’t the beginning of hacktivism, it was when the global media caught fire with attention for the phenomenon—and, according to a report [PDF link] released by American mobile company Verizon, 2011 is...»

Zynga Acquires “Draw Something” Maker, Grantoo Lets You Play For College Tuition

Mellisa Tolentino | March 22nd

There’s plenty going on in the social gaming sector these days.  With the launch of Rovio’s Angry Birds Space, gamers have a lot to take in, such as Zynga’s acquisition of Draw Something maker,...»

Dude, Where’s My Phone? Americans Will Lose $30 Billion in Phones This Year

Mellisa Tolentino | March 22nd

Since I began using mobile phones, I’ve changed devices for various reasons.  Many of which I had to give up because I needed to--I tend to drop my phones and there’s a limit to how...»

Quantum’s New Cloud-based Data Protection is More Flexible

Maria Deutscher | March 22nd

Quantum is offering up a new cloud platform that’s designed to give clients a more flexible means of backing up their data. The company already has a strong portfolio and is building on that...»

Analyzing Larry Ellison

Alex Williams | March 22nd

Welcome, Larry. Take a seat. Great to see you again How are you? "Third quarter earnings, doctor." "Aah. How did it go?" Okay, let me start. Two things, all these geniuses mention HANA and they  mention the cloud....»